The power... So evil...

The Evil Curse of Doom, something similar to the Black Spot has recently been discovered. The player will acquire it when they receive their first Cursed Blade. After defeating El Patron as part of the Raven's Cove Story Quest, the pirate can find cursed swords, but using them apparently exposes them to the curse. It is a mystery what its effects are, but we can be certain it means evil for us all.


By entering the emote /hand, the pirate will find out if the curse has taken hold of them... or not. Currently,
Evil Hand

The Emote in Action

there hasn't been a single report of this "curse" taking over pirates, and the chat notice on the emote merely states: "It doesn't look like your hand contains an Evil Curse of Doom". To others it appears in the chatbox as: "(pirate's name) looks almost completely Evil Curse of Doom free". Pirates are constantly checking their hands to see if this mark has taken a grip on them.

Upcoming Update

The Pirates Online YouTube Channel recently confirmed that something on the Evil Curse of Doom will come in an upcoming update as part of a storyline. It is unknown if this storyline is a Story Quest or not.

Yet still its future with regards to Game Play still remains unknown considering the time elapsed since the launch of the Raven's Cove Story Quest.

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