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Erin Amorous
Erin Amorous Profile-0.png
Occupation Matchmaker
Location Name Rowdy Rooster
Island Name Port Royal

Erin Amorous is a matchmaker who calls upon the pirate to aid him during the Valentine's Day quest to help poor Sid Tackem, woo and win the love of the cold-shouldered Dedrie Dunnam.

He only seems to appear in town during this event and appears in the Rowdy Rooster tavern on Port Royal

Game Notes

  • By the uniform he wears, Erin at first seemed to be a member of the EITC's Black Guard, although later a Game Master confirmed he is actually a pirate disguised as a Black Guard member!
  • "Amorous" is used to describe the showing or feeling of passionate love, a word befitting a romantic matchmaker.