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Envidia Profile
Enemy type Mutineer Ghost
Faction Ghosts
Health 15,250-18,750
Level(s) 33-40
Location(s) El Patron's Mine, Cave of Lost Souls
Weapon(s) used Cutlass

Envidia is a Mutineer Ghost boss found haunting the mines and caves on the forboding Raven's Cove.

This ghost was once part of El Patron's crew who turned against him and ended up trapped forever in the mine.

The ghost can appear at Levels 33-40 and uses a cutlass with adept skill - including Blade Storm.

Envidia is very DANGEROUS and is best left alone or attacked with a crew.

Game Note

  • Envidia is Envy in Spanish. It's one of the 7 Deadly Sins.
  • Envidia was not part of the original Pirates Online, but added later to The Legend of Pirates Online.
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