Weapon Card
Engraved Sabre 2010-11-25
Boost(s) Critical Strike Rank 2

Sweep +2

Rapid Strike +1

Attack Power 31
Group Masterwork Sabre Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Rare
Required Level 14
Value 87 Gold
Weapon Model
Sabre D

The Engraved Sabre is a rare and well-crafted sabre that gives its wielder a Critical Strike ability, along with a boost to the Sweep and Rapid Strike skills.

Masterwork Sabre Group

Sharp Sabre 2010-12-24 Tempered Sabre 2010-11-23 Engraved Sabre 2010-11-25 Bejeweled Sabre 2010-11-27 Masterwork

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