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Embellished vest

Embellished Vests are Common men's vests which are long and elegant. They can only be worn by Unlimited Access members. They are also able to be looted or can be bought from Dolores Tailoring Shoppe on Padres Del Fuego.

  • Store price: 700 Gold
  • Resale price: 35 Gold

Loot Variations

(Colors only available from loot drops)

Bright Blue Bright Green Bright Orange Bright Red Bright Yellow
Dark Black Forest Green Lavender Magenta Navy Blue

Game Notes

  • Embellished Vest in colored variations used to be considered a Discontinued Item. However, the TLOPO team has since implemented bright and color variations of them into the game.
  • For archive purposes, we will keep the [In POTCO Terminology] "Discontinued" variation of them in POTCO located on this page.

Discontinued Variations

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