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After completing the El Patron's Mine portion of the Raven's Cove Story Quest, you will board El Patron's Ship and battle the legendary captain himself!

Stage 1

  • Speak to Dr. Bellrog.
  • Defeat Kudgel, his assistant. Other players cannot attack him, so they are unable to help you defeat him. They are, however, able to heal you.
  • Talk to Bellrog after defeating his assistant, Kudgel. He begs you to spare his life.
  • Exit the mine through the gate.

Stage 2

  • You emerge in a landlocked cove, where El Patron's Ship stands. You may wish to have your mates teleport in to help you.
  • Board the ship via the gangplank.
  • El Patron will appear as a huge Ghost form of himself.
  • Fight El Patron.
  • Three crew ghosts will appear. Kill them quickly. A good idea would be to use a powerful broadsword to deal damage to both El Patron and his crew ghosts.
  • Continue fighting El Patron.

Note: A good way to kill him is to attune him with the voodoo doll and run in circles to avoid being defeated, or use a blunderbuss.

Try to not have all your crew attack El Patron in close combat with swords. He uses a broadsword and can cause damage to all the pirates surrounding him; risking knocking them all out.

  • It is also recommended, that you bring a large crew to help you, as El Patron is very powerful, and has powerful minions as well!

Stage 3

Game Notes

  • There is a common glitch referred to as "El Paclone" that causes El Patron to spawn twice, usually under level 40. Only one of them must be defeated in order to obtain a Cursed Blade from the Loot Skull Chest on the deck, but this can make the boss battle far more difficult than usual. Two of El Patron means that as many as eight Crew Ghosts can spawn at once, which can easily overwhelm an unprepared crew. For some pirates, this is welcomed as a challenge.