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Edward Lohand
Enemy type Assassin
Faction EITC
Health 12,750-16,750
Level(s) 28-35
Location(s) Beckett's Quarry, Catacombs, Kingshead
Weapon(s) used Daggers

Edward Lohand is a deadly Assassin Boss much like Remington the Vicious and Neban the Silent, working in the shadows for the EITC. Not much is known about him since he is rarely seen.

He has appeared at Levels 28-35, so a pirate may need to bring mates or a crew to take him down. Like other East India assassins, Edward carrying a brace of lethal daggers.


He has been spotted in Beckett's Quarry, the Catacombs on Padres Del Fuego, guarding the jail at the top of Kingshead, and on EITC flagships.

Game Notes

  • He seems to be based on Edward Low, a vicious real-life pirate.
  • Unlike Remington the Vicious and Neban the Silent, Edward Lohand doesn't have increased health points.
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