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An EITC Sentinel is a Light Galleon that is in service of the East India Trading Company. This vessel carries two deck guns and five broadside cannons on each side. They shoot Chain Shot and are the only light vessels to pack Firebrand ammo. They are often found in the safer waters around Port Royal, Cuba and Raven's Cove. This ship can appear as a flagship with crews made up of Thugs, Grunts, and sometimes even Mercenaries. They can be really dangerous to beginning pirates.

Eitc flagship
The flagships are often found sailing between Cuba and Kingshead, sometimes captained by the Boss Carlos Cudgel.

The health and level of the enemies on the ship vary depending on the levels of the members of your crew.

Game Note: An EITC brig of the same name appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom novel.

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