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A massive, inexorable force, campaign, movement or object that crushes everything in its way.
— Merriam-Webster's Dictionary
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These heavy War Frigates are the pride of the East India Trading Company fleet. This vessel carries seven deck cannons and 10 broadside cannons on each side. They appear at levels 42-45. The Juggernaut is one of the single most imposing vessels on the high seas; even the most notorious pirates will never take a Juggernaut lightly.

This vessel is comparable to, yet more powerful than, its Navy counterpart, the formidable Royal Navy Dreadnought.

They attack with powerful Firebrand ammo on their deck cannons, and also deploy a very powerful broadside of Explosives. It can be found anywhere in uncharted waters, or outer sections of each outer islands seas.

They are not part of any Quest.

Game Notes

  • It is a good strategy is to use Thunderbolt rounds from a distance. This keeps their potent broadsides from coming to bear.
  • Theoretically, they can be found on any server at any time no matter what time of day, whether the server is quiet or not does not affect their spawn rates.
  • These ships used to be quite rare but have since become slightly more common.
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