Island Driftwood
Below is the soundtrack that is played while on Driftwood Isle.
Music driftwood

Driftwood Island is a small, lush island filled with Terror wasps and all kinds of crabs. The pirate will have to come here a few times to visit Bronze John and John Smith.


  • Beach - Filled with Crabs and Wasps along with a Shipwreck on the shoreline





Digs / Special:

DW 1 DW 2

Digspot #1: Near the dingy and by the path to Bronze John. Located in the near the center of the beach.

Digspot #2: By a cluster of trees and on the path to Bronze John.

DW 4 DW 6

Digspot #3: Near a group of trees, on a hill and by near digspot #5.

Digspot #4: Near John Smith's shipwrecked ship.
DW 5 DW 3

Digspot #6: Near a group of rocks that is surrounded by Giant crabs.

Digspot #5: On the hill surrounded by crabs and near Bronze John's cabin.

DW 7 Screenshot 2011-08-20 14-47-33

Digspot #7: Near the islands center with many wasps surrounding it. Close to a wall and tree's.

Digspot #8: Lies at the back of the island behind digspot #7, and is surround by many Terror Wasps.


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