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Drain Health is a weapon skill that allows a pirate to steal their opponent's

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life to restore their own, with every strike of the weapon. It is similar to Drain Voodoo and the Voodoo skill Life Drain. It will take a small percentage(dependent on the ranks of the skill) of all attack damage dealt and return that as Health for the user, making this ability a helpful boost to those who PvP, or for those who wish to keep themselves performing in excellent condition against circumstances that would divert them otherwise.

This Skill is extremely effective if used in rapid succession in combos, as it will drain health in large amounts. Even the Dagger of the Moon Idol, with only a Drain Health Rank, or Knives of the Sun Idol of one, can still be useful in fighting enemies such as bosses, or in particular opponents that use Voodoo. Weapons with this skill are very useful in PvP.

Drain Health Rank Effect
1 7% of All Damage Dealt Returned as Health
2 9% of All Damage Dealt Returned as Health.
3 11% of All Damage Dealt Returned as Health
4 13% of All Damage Dealt Returned as Health


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