Doctor Grogan
aka "Doc Grog"
Occupation Physician
Business Name Doc Grog's
Island Name Tortuga

"Dr. Grogan was once a surgeon of distinction who served in the Royal Navy. That was before he took to drinking. He got his nickname for being - as you can imagine - so full of grog that he amputated the wrong leg of an able bodied First Mate.
Justice demanded he either hang from the yardarms or take his chances with the sharks and jump ship on the high sea. He took the second. On the verge of drowning, Doc Grog was rescued by the Black Pearl and given passage to Tortuga.
Indebted to Captain Jack Sparrow, he's still not inclined to join his or any other pirate crew for that matter. Ya see, Doc Grog gets seasick and wants no part of pirating life."
-From Disney Pirates Online

Dr. Grogan is the only physician working on Tortuga. In fact, he's the only doctor in the game - though his services are not used by the pirate player.


His office can be located by the sign he hangs out front.

Players will encounter Doc Grog early into The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest, running an errand for James Pidgeley, the Faithful Bride bartender.

Later, they will have to recruit Doctor Grogan to help free the Black Pearl, but he will offer Le Cerdo to take his place.



Tortuga Doc Grog


Tortuga Doc Grog inside