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Dig Spot
One frequent task is to hunt for buried treasure on a specific island. You can identify possible dig spots as a patch of dirt. A green circle appears if your pirate is very close to one. There are numerous dig spots on each island and in each area.

Once you find a dig spot, use the Shift key in order to make your pirate "dig", in hope of finding a quest item. If there is something to be found, the pirate will then begin to dig and a chest will emerge from the hole.

If a quest item is found, your Quest Journal will immediately be updated. You can plunder any where from 7 to 13 gold in a buried treasure chest from a dig spot.

Often a message stating "Nothing of interest here" will appear, in which case there is no point trying that spot again. Other times, after a short animation of your pirate's digging, you receive the message "No quest items found". Digging again in that spot or even digging there again immediately, will often produce the desired quest item. Remember you can only search for treasure if you have a quest to do so.

Game Note

Screenshot 2009-11-27 17-42-56

During this time of digging, which can take a few seconds, you are VULNERABLE to attack by enemies! If you are attacked, the pirate will stop digging immediately. If you are digging in a fort or on Kingshead, the closest navy guard will approach you and begin attacking.

Also, the dig spots listed below are not complete and may change. If you find a dig spot that is not listed or moved, please feel free to add or edit it so it is up to date. If you are looking for multiple quest items, such as in any of the weapon upgrade quests, then you can wait a minute and the dig spot will reappear.

Spots were not originally represented by an "X" on a patch of dirt and you had to locate them yourself. This was most likely done to help players locate the hidden sites much easier. Some dig spots are the color of the surrounding grass, but are uncommon.

Port Royal

PortRoyal Digs

Wicked Thicket

Wicket dig spots

Governor's Garden

GovernorsGarden Digs

Royal Caverns

Royal caverns digmap

King's Run

Kings RunMapdigspots

Murky Hollow

Murky Hallowmap


Tortuga Digs

Rat's Nest

Rats nest digmap

Misty Mire

Misty mire digmap

Tortuga Graveyard

Tortuga graveyard

Thieves' Den

Thieves Den digmap


Wildwoods map

Padres Del Fuego

PDF Digs

Beckett's Quarry

Bekkets Digs


Catacombs Digs

Lava Gorge

LavaGorge digs

El Sudoron

El Sudoron Dig Map

Note: Green dots, equal dig spots

Devil's Anvil

DA 1 DA 2
Digspot #1: Lays at the foot of a tall tree in the center of the island. Digspot #2: Lies on the left side of the island. It is close to a large rock form.
DA 3 DA 4
Digspot #3: Lies on the left side of the island right next to a large rock form on the left side of the island. Digspot #4: Lies in the center of the island close to a dinghy and some trees.
DA 5
Digspot #5: Lies on the right side of the island close to a large group of trees.

Driftwood Isle

DW 1 DW 2

Digspot #1: Near the dingy and by the path to Bronze John. Located in the near the center of the beach.

Digspot #2: By a cluster of trees and on the path to Bronze John.

DW 4 DW 6

Digspot #3: Near a group of trees, on a hill and near digspot #5.

Digspot #4: Near John Smith's shipwrecked sloop, known as the Gretchen.
DW 5 DW 3

Digspot #6: Near a group of rocks that is surrounded by Giant Crabs.

Digspot #5: On the hill surrounded by crabs and near Bronze John's shack.

DW 7 Screenshot 2011-08-20 14-47-33

Digspot #7: Near the islands center with many wasps surrounding it. Close to a wall and trees.

Digspot #8: Lies at the back of the island behind digspot #7, and is surround by many Terror Wasps.

Isla Cangrejos

IC 1 IC 2

Digspot #1: Near the dinghy and in between digspot #2 and #3, near the shore of the island.

Digspot #2: Near Croquettes De Crabe.
IC 3 IC 4

Digspot #3: Near the undead graveyard, close to two mausoleums, one with a casket and one that is closed shut.

Digspot #4: On the hill above the graveyard near Jacques le Blanc.

IC 5
IC 6

Digspot #5: Near the the path leading to the back of the island, Giant Crabs hover nearby.

Digspot #6: Has a graveyard to the right and is close to a wall, surrounded by bushes and trees.

IC 7
IC 8

Digspot #7: Close to the shore. Near a graveyard that is filled with French Undead Lieutenants as well as French Undead Maitres.

Digspot #8: Close to the shore that's by the Giant Crab boss Scatter Snap, near a dinghy.

IC 9

Digspot #9: Near the boss Jacques le Blanc and undead graveyard.

Isla Perdida

Isla Perdida dig spot 1 big Isla Perdida dig spot 2 big
Digspot #1: Near the center of Queen's Nest, in a tree grove by nests, and surrounded by many Wasps.

Digspot #2: By the waterfall, west of the rock bridge.

Isla Tormenta

Tor 1 Tor 2
Digspot #1: Lies right in front of the right entrance.

Digspot #2: Lies to the left of the right entrance, and is close to a group of trees.

Tor 3 Tor 4

Digspot #3: Lies behind a large rock, and is close to the shore of the island.

Digspot #4: Lies close to a bunch of rocks and is extremely close to Digspot #4.

Cursed Caverns


Hint- It is much easier to go in with some higher-level friends to help and guide you.

Rumrunner's Isle

Rum Dig 3
Rum dig 1
Digspot #1: North of the Rum Cellar.

Digspot #2: Located between the dinghy and the Rum Cellar.

Rum dig 4
Rum dig 2

Digspot #3: Located between a group of Wasps and near the path leading to the other beach.

Digspot #4: Located near Venom Lash in between a group of trees with wasps nearby.

Rum cellar

Digspot #5: The Rum Cellar is located near Bastien Craven in between a group of trees.

Outcast Isle

Out 1 Out 2

Digspot #1: Lies on center island looking towards the island with Dog Lockgrim and Stumps.

Digspot #2: Lies on the island with Dog Lockgrim and stumps next to a pile of rocks that end in a dead end.

Out 3

Digspot #3: Lies on the center island right next to an Ancient Fly Trap and looks towards Devil Root's island.


Screenshot 2010-10-23 10-11-07 Screenshot 2010-10-23 10-11-34 Screenshot 2010-10-23 10-13-02

Digspot #1: Between the group of rocks against the wall directly to the left as you enter the main yard through the main entrance from the docks.

Digspot #2: In the back left corner as you enter the main yard through the main entrance from the docks. It is right next to the large tree.

Digspot #3: Up a set of stairs to the left just when you reach the top of the tree lined path. It's across from the stairs to get to Remington the Vicious.

Cutthroat Isle

Cutthroat Jungle

Cutthroat Jungle digmap

Green dots = Dig Spots

Raven's Cove

El Patron's Mine

Note: Dig spots do not show after completion of the story quest, the screenshots below show an area in which the dig spot should be located at.

Screenshot 2010-10-25 06-46-01 Screenshot 2010-10-25 06-49-53 Screenshot 2010-10-25 06-44-42

Digspot #1: For finding the third idol, the spot is located near the entrance. From the entrance, go left.

Digspot #2: For finding the third idol, when going to Dr. Bellrog, go right during the straight path and there will be a Traitor Ghost as well.

Digspot #3: For finding the third idol, it is located near the watery grave and at the wall between a double pathway.

Screenshot 2010-10-25 06-45-27 Screenshot 2010-10-25 06-45-51 Screenshot 2010-10-25 06-44-04

Digspot #4: The final dig spot for the third idol is near the top center of the map with a short dead end.

Digspot #5: Located near the entrance and a skull pillar. This is one of two areas to dig for the Journals.

Digspot #6: Near the southern grave, all the way down on the map, this is one of two places to search for the Journals.

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