Weapon Card
Devils Claw
Break Attack Hurricane Slash Rank 4
Boost(s) Brawl +5
Parry +4
Unique Ability Sure Footed Rank 3
Attack Power 89
Location Looted from Dry Rot
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Sword 30
Value 1988 Gold
Weapon Model

Devil's Claw is a powerful Legendary Cutlass exclusive to the Hollowed Woods boss Dry Rot.

The cutlass features a set of abilities that are especially lethal toward Stumps and Stump Bosses.

Hurricane Slash is a powerful Break Attack that causes any enemies within a certain radius to the player to fall over. Combined with Sure Footed to prevent knock overs by enemy combatants, this weapon entirely nullifies Stump's Earthquake attack.

Following up, Brawl Boost +5 will further increase the damage of the Brawl attack, allowing you to deal extra damage and stun an opponent for a longer duration, and Parry Boost +4 will further enhance the chance for Parry to intercept and completely nullify incoming attacks from melee opponents.

Exclusive to only a few other weapons, such as Dark Whisper and Staff of Lava, the weapon and its accompanying card feature animation. If you look closely, you can see writhing red pulses on the weapon itself.

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