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Desolation is a maelstrom of death. It is so powerful it also greatly injures the caster as well. The hex takes a fairly long time to cast, and has a long recharge time - but can lay waste to an entire area of living and undead enemies caught in the swirling maelstrom of destruction.

The amount of damage done to each enemy will depend on the user's voodoo staff skill, any special abilities and the type of staff used.

To use Desolation, have your staff drawn and press 6 or click DesolationSkill.png.

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Staff desolation.jpg
1 2
Staff desolation 2.jpg

Spirit Mastery Rank Hex rank 1 Hex rank 2 Hex rank 3 Hex rank 4 Hex rank 5
0 400-800

Game Note

Spending skill points for Spirit Lore and Concentration will reduce the casting time and voodoo power cost.

Staff shockwave.png

Jolly Roger uses Soul Storm, an attack similar to Desolation, when he assaults during Invasions. He can do up to 2,000 points in health damage at a time, with NO cost to himself. It looks like a more powerful version of Wither.