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Desktop Galleon was an add-on game to Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and originally found in the website's Downloads section. This game ran only on PC computers older than Windows 7.

Game Play

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The game involved controlling a Frigate (contrary to the game's title) across several levels. There was no general plot, except fighting the ship into three stages of islands - Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres del Fuego. Each stage had three levels. When you completed a stage, you unlocked some concept art.


The player had to first create a ship of their own. The ship was customizable according to colour and name. The name could either be random, or even personally typed.


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The player then started where his stats are located. The two main options were either going to Battle, or re-customization of the ship. Other options include:

  • Send to a Friend
  • Pirates Online - Visit POTCO website
  • Help
  • Treasure - Collections of Treasure achieved by the player.


The ship had to take on various sloops and frigates before going on to the next level.

Concept Art Rewards

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