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Dentex Angler
Enemy type Spineskull
Faction Davy Jones' Crew
Health 12,750-16,250
Level(s) 28-35
Location(s) Cursed Caverns, Forsaken Shallows
Weapon(s) used Grenade
Thrall Icon
Dentex Angler is a Spineskull boss and a crewman of the Flying Dutchman, under the command of Davy Jones himself.

He tosses grenades at any enemy in his sight and he can be lethal to most pirates except the most experienced.

Dentex appears randomly and can only be found in the Cursed Caverns and Forsaken Shallows on the dreaded Isla Tormenta.

Game Note

A Dentex is a small fish from the Mediterranean Sea that looks like a common Snapper.

Dentex Angler

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