Stick Pirates
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In this guide I will be showing you how to loot on land. There are a lot of trinkets you can get from looting on land heres a few: 1. Cursed blades 2. Bright Clothing ( Dark Black too ) 3. Cannon Rams You see there is certain places where get can get certain thing like for Cursed Blades you can only get them at Ravens Cove or Isla Tormenta. for Bright clothing you can get anywhere and for Cannon Rams you can get them at CD most of the time.

Looting For Cursed

When looting for Cursed you can ONLY get them at Isla Tormenta or Ravens Cove. When at Tormenta go inside the cursed caves and you can run laps like this Tormenta map You see you can just run laps for about an hour and theres a good change you will get something good! In Ravens Cove though you can't run laps. But there are a lot of Idols in Ravens Cove There is the East Idol, South Idol and the North Idol. I recommend the South Idol as a looting place there. At South Idol you can use 2 things can can kill all the enemies at once.

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