Weapon Card
Break attack Dark Curse Rank 4
Boost(s) Finesse +4
Unique ability Drain Health Rank 4
Attack power 80
Location Looted from The Watcher
Rarity Legendary
Required level Dagger 30
Value 1000 Gold
Weapon Model

Dark Whisper is a Legendary Dagger that can only be found by slaying The Watcher, the mysterious ghost boss living in the Hollowed Woods. It possesses an unearthly Dark Curse power that makes the wielder like a ghost, making them difficult to strike. Its Drain Health ability leeches life force from a victim and restores it to the pirate. Finally, the +4 Finesse skill means dagger skills reset 28% faster.

Game Notes:

  • All three Legendary weapons that The Watcher possesses have ghost-like powers, making the user immaterial for a short time.
  • This item was NOT in the original Pirates Online but added later to The Legend of Pirates Online.
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