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Dark Curse is a defense oriented hex that halves the damage received from incoming melee and ranged attacks. While in this form (Although not stated on skill description) gives the user a 20% attack boost for the duration of the effect. Very similar to the Lost Sword of El Patron's Ghost Form. Unlike Ghost Form, Dark Curse lasts for 20 seconds instead of 12, and changes your pirate into an orange Ghost instead of a green Ghost.

Dark Curse is a Break Attack, only charged when you take damage and perform perfect combos.

This potent weapon skill can be found on the Shadow Cutlass (unreleased), The Dark Mutineer, Treachery's End, Spectral Cutlass, Dark Broadsword, and the Dark Voodoo Doll weapon group

Weapons with this skill

Krakenslayer.png Soul's Shadow card.png Dark Whisper.png
Krakenbane Sword Card.png Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.36.25 AM.png Item moonstonenade.png ForbiddenVoodooDoll.png
Treachery.png Dark Mutineer - clearer.png Shadow cutlass card remake.png
DarkVoodooDoll.png HSWw48TPStKz1XIpP PZmg.png ShadowVoodooDoll.png SpectralCutlass.png

Game Notes

  • When using a weapon with this skill, should the user be fighting a dangerous boss, like Foulberto Smasho or Devil Root, if he/she keeps using perfect combos, especially with Rank 3 of the skill, they can often refresh and use the skill again before the duration wears off. Note that they don't earn further reductions, they just reset the duration. Either way, if one was to see exactly how long they could last against Foulberto without aid, a weapon with this skill will definitely be better off than all others by a large margin.