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Daniel Vallance Weaponry is a gunsmith shop on the beach of Tortuga run by Daniel Vallance. The shop offers the pirate the standard assortment of firearms (pistols, grenades, and cannonballs) and accessories.

Vallance Interior
Vallance Exterior

Weapons in Stock


Name Cost Damage Name Cost Damage
Flintlock Pistol 0g 2 Iron Pistol 270g 13
Steel Pistol 600g 29 Twin Barrel Pistol 840g 1
Steel Repeater 2,180g 6 Sailor's Musket 1,060g 26
Small Blunderbuss 1,350g 32 Fine Blunderbuss 2,500g 52
Iron Bayonet 800g 20 Steel Bayonet 1,800g 40
Boarding Musket 2,180g 46


Tortuga Daniel Weaponry


Tortuga Vallance inside
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