Weapon Card
Dagger of the Hawk Idol
Break Attack Voodoo Reflect 2
Boost(s) Swipe +2
Unique Ability Drain Health 1
Attack Power 52
Group Idol Group
Location Loot
Rarity Rare
Required Level Dagger 21
Value 140 Gold
Weapon Model
Dagger E

The Dagger of the Hawk Idol is a quite powerful rare dagger that allows the wielder to use the Voodoo Reflect Break Attack and the Drain Health abilities. It also gives a boost to the user's Swipe combo skill.

It can only be found in Loot and the user must be fairly skilled with daggers to use it.

Weapon Group: Idol Group

Idol Dagger Group

Dagger of the Sun Idol Dagger of the Moon Idol Dagger of the Hawk Idol Dagger of the Bear Idol Dagger of the Golden Idol Dagger of the Dark Idol

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