Weapon Card
Screenshot 10ppppp
Break Attack Voodoo Reflect 3
Boost(s) Gouge +2
Unique Ability Drain Health 2
Attack Power 69
Group Idol Group
Location Loot
Rarity Famed
Required Level Dagger 27
Value 316 Gold
Weapon Model
Dagger E

The Dagger of the Golden Idol is an extremely lethal famed dagger which grants the user a powerful Voodoo Reflect (Break Attack) as well as Drain Health skill. It also provides a boost to the Gouge skill.

This item can only be found in Loot and can only be used by a pirate very skilled with a dagger.

Weapon Group: Idol Group

Idol Dagger Group

Dagger of the Sun Idol Dagger of the Moon Idol Dagger of the Hawk Idol Dagger of the Bear Idol Dagger of the Golden Idol Dagger of the Dark Idol

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