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A D-Name (Disney Name) is the name given to a player's account with Disney Online, as opposed to their pirate's name. The D-Name is associated with ALL pirates under their account.

Originally, it will appear as, for example, "Guest1234567" - always beginning with "Guest" and ending with several numbers. You can change this to something that is appealing to you by going to "Manage Account" on It will pend for approval by a moderator. Once your D-Name is approved, it cannot be changed.

You can request to be someone's Player Friend by clicking on the two skeletons holding hands on the bottom of their Player Card (shown in picture), similar to befriending a player's Pirate. Player Friends allows you to be friends with a player's account. You can even see what Pirate your Player Friend is using.

  • You must have Open Chat in order to have Player Friends.
  • Player Friends carry beyond Pirates, throughout all of Disney Online games.
  • If you are a Player Friend with someone, the Pirate they are currently using will appear in yellow/gold on your Pirate Friends list. If you are their pirate friend and their player friend, their name will appear as a regular Pirate Friend's name would.
  • A D-Name can not have a space in it. The only D-Name that can have a space is first one given by Disney.
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