Weapon Card
Screenshot 2013-07-06 16-45-14
Healing ability Healing Boost Rank 3
Unique ability Voodoo Damage Rank 3
Attack power 68
Group Cutlass of the Inquisition
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Famed
Required level 24
Value 457 Gold
Weapon Model

The Cutlass of the Inquisition is a powerful Famed Cutlass, providing the wielder with the Voodoo Damage and Healing Boost abilities.

It can only be found in loot from enemies or sunken ships.

This weapon is part of the Inquisition Cutlass set.

Cutlass of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Cutlass - Common Witch Hunter Cutlass Screenshot 2011-08-22 13-26-05

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