Cursed Thunder
Cannon thunderbolt

Cursed Thunder is a skill that can be found on some of El Patron's Cursed Blades.

When you hit an enemy using this skill, a thunderbolt is summoned to hit the enemy. It does moderate damage.

The attack visually resembles Jolly Roger's Dark Thunderbolt attack.

When using the attack, it uses a bit of your Voodoo to summon the bolt.

It takes 10 seconds to charge the skill.


  • Sometimes a glitch will occur, making the blade surge with electricity until you unequip it or use the skill again. The glitch will not do anything to your weapon's attack strength, it will just affect the look.

Weapons and Skills


Nautilus Blade Cursedseafangblade


Barnacle Breaker Barracuda Blade


Dread spike ViperBlade

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