Not in game This item has been discontinued from Pirates Online. Some pirates may have this item in their inventory, but players without it will not be able to obtain it.

Weapon Card
Seafang card
Boost(s) Flourish +2
Unique ability Cursed Thunder 1
Attack power 60
Cost Redeem Code
Rarity Rare
Required level Sword 20
Value 110 Gold
Weapon Model
DavyJones B

The Cursed Seafang Blade is a blade that was released at the time Raven's Cove came out for players to test. It was the first Cursed Blade to be seen in POTCO and the only to be unlocked by a Redeem Code.

The sword is covered in barnacles, as if it's been sitting on the bottom of the ocean for a long time. The weapon skill Cursed Thunder uses 80 voodoo, and does a fair amount of base damage (250+ points).

It's unknown if possesses and wielding this weapon was supposed to cause pirates to In a way, unfortunately, you can't get the Black Spot from wielding this blade.

Originally, this Cursed Blade was only obtainable by the redeem code "seafang".

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