Boss Icon
Cursed Cadaver
Skeleton 4
Enemy type Undead Gypsy
Faction Undead
Health 11,250-13,750
Level(s) 25-30
Location(s) Catacombs, El Sudoron, Las Pulgas
Weapon(s) used Voodoo Doll

Cursed Cadaver is an Undead Gypsy boss in the service Jolly Roger's army. He attacks the pirate with a Voodoo Doll. He can only be found on Padres Del Fuego, where other Undead Gypsies may appear.

He can appear at Levels 25-30.



  • Curse - Increases damage taken
  • Grave Shackles - Chains tie the pirate to the ground.
  • Life Drain - Health and voodoo power are stripped away.
  • Poke - Basic Voodoo attack
  • Scorch - The pirate is set aflame
  • Swarm - A mass of attacking insects
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