Weapon Card
Attack ability Rolling Attack Rank 5
Boost(s) Flourish +4
Blade Storm +3
Thrust +2
Attack power 93
Location Looted from Drench & Drizzle
Rarity Legendary
Required level Sword 30
Value 4515 Gold
Weapon Model

The Cursed Blade of Yore is a legendary cursed Cutlass introduced to The Legend of Pirates Online with the Forsaken Shallows expansion. It is exclusively dropped by bosses Drench and Drizzle. This blade supplies its user with a Rank 5 Rolling Attack allowing for enhanced mobility and average damage alongside a 4 Point boost to Flourish, a 3 Point boost to Blade Storm, and a 2 Point boost to Thrust.

This weapon, alongside Thunderspine Sword, is considered one of the most viable weapons for cutlass-only PvP for its strong attack power and helpful combo move boosts.

Game Notes

  • This Cursed Blade was the fifth of the brand new six Legendary Cursed Blades that had been found, being discovered by Nick Daggerrage.
  • An unknown author published a blog post on the TLOPO website concerning this Cursed Blade about Billy McKidd's discovery on a lost page.
  • It appears to be -- at least partially -- based on the Khopesh, a sickle-sword of Egyptian origin, albeit with a greatly-exaggerated curve to its blade.
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