Voodoo cure
Cure action

Cure is a voodoo doll hex that is an improved form of Heal. It will restore more health, but also remove any debuffs or negative effect from an ally (like poison, stunned, enemy voodoo hexes, Grave Shackles, etc.). This ability is more effective while using a spirit doll. It is the same with Heal. This skill is particularly popular with pirates that heal their mates during battles.

Upgrades to this skill increase the amount of health restored. Amount varies by pirate's doll skill level and the type of doll used, as well as any additional skills.

  • Unlocks at Doll: Level 12
  • Voodoo used: 40 points

To use Cure, have your Doll out and Attuned to an ally - then press 6 or click on the CureSkill icon.

Game Note

Spending skill points for Conservation will reduce the voodoo power cost.

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