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Critical Strike is a special ability found on many different weapons. It gives the pirate a low chance to deal double damage with an attack (Skill or Combo) with that weapon. This is assuming that the pirate has managed to hit their enemy with a superior blow or a more precise hit to cause greater damage. Some Cannon Items grant the ability of performing a critical strike with a specific ammo type. Unlike regular attacks where the damage appears in red, the Critical Strike appears in bigger yellow numbers with an exclamation point at the end. Critical Strike is a passive weapon skill, and does not need to be activated, happens at random.

This skill can be very useful to get the upper hand in PvP battles and boss battles.


The following weapons have the Critical Strike ability:


Thundespine - clearer Nautilus Blade Spineskull Blade
Masterwork Cutlass Group

Sharp Cutlass Tempered Cutlass 2011-01-11 Engraved Cutlass Bejeweled CutlassNew Masterwork Cutlass

Shark Blade Cultass Group

Shark Blade 2011-01-10 Tiger Shark Blade 2010-11-27 Black shark blade


Masterwork Broadsword Group

Sharp Broadsword Tempered Broadsword 2010-11-24 Engraved Broadsword Bejeweled clearer Masterwork broad-clearer

Sharkfangblade Treachery Brute's broadsword Barracuda Blade
Blightfang Edge - clearer Dutchman's Pestilence


Kingfisher Group

Hawk Sabre Falcon Sabre Eagle Sabre 2010-12-05 Greathawk1 Screenshot 2012-08-02 17-20-26

Masterwork Sabre Group

Sharp Sabre 2010-12-24 Tempered Sabre 2010-11-23 Engraved Sabre 2010-11-25 Bejeweled Sabre 2010-11-27 Masterwork

Screen shot 2010-11-07 at 3.30.26 PM

Repeater Pistols

Barbossa's Fury Dread Repeater Baneblast Repeater - clearer Skullbone Repeater


Combat Bayonet Battle Bayonet War Bayonet UpdatedZombieKababBayonet


War Scattergun Group

Scattergun 2010-11-15 Heavy Scattergun War scattergun

Voodoo Dolls

Warmonger Doll Group

Swashbuckler Doll Card Buccaneer Doll Card Mutineer Doll Card Privateer Doll Card Warmonger Doll Card

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