Crew Days occur every Friday and Saturday. It is an event where pirates are encouraged to crew up and sail, loot, or do whatever you want.

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Did you know that being in a CREW gets you special bonuses? It's true! Whether you're fighting a sea battle or against enemies on land, being part of a crew is smart because you get a reputation bonus and it helps you level up faster. Plus, it's just more fun to fight the Undead with other Pirates. That's why we're bringing back...CREW DAYS!


Every Friday and Saturday evening, we encourage all Pirates to get down to the docks of Port Royal, Tortuga, or Padres Del Fuego and CREW UP! If you're not asked, start one yourself! Then go pillage and plunder and watch how quickly you can rack up your gold, reputation and other loot.

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  • WHEN: 3:00PM to 8:00PM - Every Friday and Saturday

(All times Pacific Standard times/Los Angeles)

During this event, please be respectful and helpful towards your fellow Pirates by sticking to the Pirates Code.

Game Notes

  • Crew days originally started on May 22nd of 2009. Players were encouraged to go to the event, for sometimes GMs were known to show up and start a crew and take pirates out on their ships or lead raids deep in the caves and even help you finish your quests.
  • Many pirates asked why this is different to just regularly starting a crew, and GMs replied it was a bigger event to crew up and meet new pirates.
  • The event was intended to promote cooperation and socializing amongst players, particularly those looking for new friends and possibly a guild. Larger crews also improves leveling.
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