Come About
Come About icon
Come About is a sailing skill that allows the pirate to make a complete turn-around very quickly. In combat, this can mean life-or-death as a ship turns to protect its weaker side or bring a fully-loaded broadside to bear on an enemy. This skill is unlocked at Sailing Level 4. Like most other skills, Come About requires 1 skill point to unlock it, and the pirate can then use a maximum of 3 or 5 skill points to upgrade it to increase the duration, depending if you are Basic Access of Unlimited.

To use this skill, press '4' or click on the Come About icon ComeAbout at the bottom of your screen while you are sailing.

When you use Come About, your pirate will say; "Let's turn her around!"

Increasing this skill increases the amount of time the ship can perform this maneuver.

Rank Duration
1 5 Sec.
2 6 Sec.
3 7 Sec.
4 8 Sec.
5 10 Sec.
*Only with Sailing Item Boost
6* ?
7* ?
8* ?
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