Weapon Card
Coltello Updated
Unique Ability Powerful 3
Attack Power 33
Cost Quest or 7,800 Gold
Rarity Rare
Required Level Dagger 15
Value 350 Gold
Weapon Model
Hollow B

The Coltello is a specially crafted rare dagger that can only be found by completing the Coltello Weapon Upgrade Quest.

This quest will automatically appear in your Quests Journal when you reach Dagger skill level 15. This weapon has a wickedly curved blade and is bladed on both sides, ending in a jagged, cruel point, such design is unique to this dagger and not found on any other weapon in the game.

It also has a Powerful ability, which makes this dagger very lethal.

Once the quest has been completed, pirates can purchase this weapon again from a Quest Reward Vendor at any blacksmith.

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