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Cleanse is a special weapon skill that removes all ill-effects from the pirate using it. When activated, this blessing removes all negative status effects like Wounded, Stun, Poison, Grave Shackles, etc. Cleanse charges over time when the weapon is equipped.

It takes 30 seconds to charge and re-charge this skill.


  • There appears to be a Cleanse glitch. If you have a weapon with Cleanse, wait a few seconds, then press 9 and your character will use Cleanse. After this, you can trash the Cleanse weapon and you will still be able to do Cleanse!


The following weapons have the Cleanse ability:


Sacred Cutlasses

Silver Cutlass Holy Cutlass Sacred Cutlass Divine Cutlass


Divine Sabre Group

Silver Sabre Holy Sabre 2010-12-08 Sacred Sabre - clearer DivineSabre


Sacred Pistol Group

Silver Pistol 2010-11-16 Holy Pistol 2010-12-05 Sacred pistol Divine pistol

Sacred Repeater Group

Silver Repeater HolyRepeater UpdatedSacredRepeater Divine Repeater Pistol


Sacred Musket Group

Silver Musket Holy musket SacredMusket Divine musket

Voodoo Dolls

Cleansing Doll Group

Doll of Cleansing DollofPurification Doll of Sacred Rituals - clearer

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