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Enemy type Ghost
Health 67,500
Level(s) 40
Location(s) El Patron's Mine
Weapon(s) used Throwing Knives

Cicatriz is a ghost boss found in El Patron's Mine on Raven's Cove. She can be found occupying the North Idol accompanied by several other ghosts.

She appears at level 40 with 67,500 HP, with Throwing Knives as her weapon of choice. Cicatriz is the only enemy to drop the Legendary Cursed Sabre, The Ruby Curse.


Early Life

Cicatriz was born into a highly restrictive, Spanish family. A free-spirited woman, she took part in activities that were not becoming of a proper lady, which caught the ire of her elders. She was confined to her house and hidden away from the outside world as punishment. However, she would find a means of escaping her imprisonment in the form of the Spanish Conquistador, Humberto Diaz.

El Patron's Crew

In an attempt to be free of her family, Cicatriz stowed away aboard El Patron's Ship as he departed from Spain, hoping to see the world beyond the shores of her country. She was discovered, however, and brought before the ship's Capitán. Despite the urgings of his friend Foulberto, Diaz decided to take Cicatriz under his wing and gave her a place as part of her crew.

Under his mentorship, she excelled as a fighter and quickly climbed the ranks of his crew. She frequently got into fights with Foulberto, who felt that a stowaway woman had no place aboard the ship, let alone having any authority over the crew. This would lead to an everlasting grudge forming between the two of them.

The Cursed Blades

Cicatriz eventually became an officer aboard El Patron's ship, and followed him onto the shores of Isla Tormenta. With several of their best fighters in tow, they entered the Cursed Caverns in search of the Cursed Blades that lay within. A fierce struggle between El Patron's Crew and the Crew of Davy Jones would ensue.

They managed to turn the tide against the thralls, acquiring and securing several Cursed Blades before fleeing the island with their vile treasure. Unfortunately, the dark curse that the blades carried had marked the Crew for death, and they were forced to flee to Raven's Cove to avoid being consumed by the Kraken. Of all the ships in El Patron's expedition fleet, only one survived.

The Mutinies

Now stranded on Raven's Cove with the Kraken waiting just beyond the shores, several of the crewmen began to plot a mutiny against their Capitán for dooming them to imprisonment on the island. Foulberto Smasho spear-headed the first revolt against El Patron, having grown to resent his old friend and Cicatriz, the woman who had surpassed his position of authority. The rebellion was quickly put down, and the mutineers were cursed by Patron's own hand to be trapped underground in the Cave of Lost Souls.

Despite the apparent hopelessness of the situation, Cicatriz remained loyal to her Capitán and father-figure. However, as days turned to weeks and El Patron's obsession with the power of the Cursed Blades grew, it became apparent that the man she had followed was gone. In a desperate attempt to save herself and the lives of the crew, she spear-headed a second mutiny against El Patron. This too, ended in failure, but not before they managed to seal Patron and his remaining loyalists aboard his beached ship. With starvation quickly overtaking the doomed explorers, Cicatriz and her followers met their ends in the darkness of the Mines.

Game Notes

  • Cicatriz was added to The Legend of Pirates Online with the Forsaken Shallows expansion released on March 24, 2018.
  • According to a found journal page, Cicatriz was part of El Patron's expedition, commanding some of his men in his quest for the cursed weapons.
  • "Cicatriz" is the Spanish word for "Scar." It is said that Cicatriz herself has one or more distinctive scars, though it is unclear where they are.
  • Cicatriz is wearing the Scoundrel Buccaneer Hat. This can only be seen by revealing her human form with the Cursed Ice ability.
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