Weapon Card
Aura Ability Dark Aura 2
Boost(s) Flaming Skull +2,
Conservation +1
Attack Power 30
Cost 600 Large Bones,
2 Haunted Bones
Location Hollowed Woods
Rarity Rare
Required Level Staff 22
Value 88 Gold
Weapon Model

The Charred Staff is a new Rare Dark Staff introduced during the 2017 Halloween update. The wielder of this staff is granted a moderate boost to their Flaming Skull attacks as well as a small Conservation boost. They can also support their fellow pirates in battle through its Dark Aura

Game Notes

  • This staff is tied with the Staff of Water and the Staff of Lava for the highest attack power of any Voodoo Staff, with 30.
  • Its similar -- yet more powerful -- skills, boosts, and appearance makes this staff a stronger version of the Burnt Staff.
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