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The Legend of Pirates Online- Charles Warmonk's Method to Leveling

The Legend of Pirates Online- Charles Warmonk's Method to Leveling

This is a quick video to show off how it works. In time, I will show you ways that you can mix up and play around with more AOE type styles of game play. That way you can enhance your leveling experience even more effectively that just shown in this short clip.

(New testing in progress.......)

Charles Warmonk’s Guide to Leveling

Disclaimer: This is not a type of “Cheat, Exploit or hack” to leveling quickly in the game. This is simple an accumulative source of data that I have personally tested out myself to enhance the rate, and effectiveness of your level in The Legend of Pirates Online. I provide NO statement that you will become a “Maxed level in a short so and so date”. Everyone levels at their own pace, this is simple to keep you from wasting your time with a little thing I like to call and you will hear a lot in this guide. “Unnecessary Effort”

Introduction: Are you sick of fighting gray and green tag enemies getting little to no reputation? On the edge of Tormenta trying to slowly slice down yellow and red tag enemies for what seems like AGES as your fellow swashbucklers pass you up in notoriety? Look no further! The nerdy math work of the age old questions of “Where to level this” “What weapon should I use?” “When should I move and to where?” will be answered all below! However, before I get to the good stuff I would just like to remind that if you have ANY questions or come across confusion while reading this guide… PLEASE do take the time and put it in a comment down below. I would be more than HAPPY to help you solve or clarify all difficulties that you may come across.

Why are you making a guide to leveling?: Disney staff intended a pirate to be "Notorious" meaning to be generally known for a particular trait and create a mixed and pirate atmosphere. However, in today's POTCO (now known as TLOPO) community. We tend to treat ourselves as "Navy dogs" by training one skill at a time, in one place for hours?! People may see this leveling of a pirate as "effective" since you can keep track of your progress. What if I told you that this is actually slowing your progress DOWN?! By my math and testing, it is much more EFFECTIVE if you unlock ALL your skills as quickly as possible and leveling them all at the same time! (I know what you're thinking at this point.... "Really... that's all? T_T" But it's not!)

How it works: Weapons experience is dependent on the amount of times you hit a NPC with that weapon, and varies in skill points depending what level of combo/skill/ammo and spell you use. However, this math is not fixed and continuous when slicing an enemy down with a single weapon type. In fact, you earn nearly 50% of your experience threw the FIRST HIT of your enemy. Allow me to explain, the developers of the game wanted pirates to use combinations of skills to defeat enemies. Being clever and cunning in battle, therefore they wanted to REWARD pirates for using many different types of weapons. Ok... great thanks for telling me the whole method! (Not so fast!) Now I will explain how you use this method to it's utmost potential!

My research and details on rotations: I have prepared a graph that shows the amount of experience you earn on the FIRST HIT. This is listed for ALL types of weapons and skills (Not counting spacial weapon skills yet such as "Freeze Sweep" This will be used to help calculate the what hits you should start off the battle with the optimize the experience you will earn. That being said, I will stat that it varies on the enemy’s grade or tag (Gray, Green, Yellow, or Red)

Raw Data:

(Sword) Gray Tag enemies.

Hack : 1xp

Slash : 2xp Cleave: 2xp

Flourish : 4xp

Thrust : 6xp

Sweep : 2xp

Brawl : 5 xp

Taunt : 8 xp

Blade Storm : 10xp

(Sword) Green Tag enemies.

Hack : 17xp

Slash : 18xp

Cleave : 18xp

Flourish : 20xp

Thrust : 22xp

Sweep : 18xp

Brawl : 21xp

Taunt : 24xp

Blade Storm : 26xp

(Sword) Yellow Tag enemies.

Hack : 19xp

Slash : 20xp

Cleave : 20xp

Flourish : 22xp

Thrust : 24xp

Sweep : 20 xp

Brawl : 23 xp

Taunt : 26 xp

Blade Storm : 28 xp

(Sword) Red Tag enemies.

Hack : 21xp

Sash : 22xp

Cleave : 22xp

Flourish : 24xp

Thrust : 26xp

Sweep : 22xp

Brawl : 25xp

Taunt : 28 xp

Blade Storm : 30 xp

(Gun) Gray Tag enemies.

Lead Shot : 3xp – 6xp Take aim

Venom Shot : 4xp – 7xp Take aim

Bane Shot : 4xp - 7xp Take aim

Hex Eater Shot : 4xp – 7xp Take aim

Silver Shot : 5xp – 8xp Take aim

Steel Shot : 5 xp – 8 Xp Take aim

(Gun) Green Tag enemies.

Lead Shot : 18xp – Take aim 22xp

Venom Shot : 20 xp – Take aim 23xp

Bane Shot : 20xp – Take aim 23xp

Hex Eater Shot : 20xp – Take aim 23xp

Silver Shot : 21xp – Take aim 24xp

Steel Shot : 21xp – Take aim 24xp

(Gun) Yellow Tag enemies.

Lead Shot : 21xp – Take aim 24xp

Venom Shot : 22xp – take aim 25xp

Bane Shot : 22xp – take aim 25xp

Hex Eater Shot : 22xp – Take aim 25xp

Silver Shot : 23xp – Take aim 26 xp

Steel Shot : 23xp – Take 26xp

(Gun) Red Tag enemies.

Lead Shot : 23xp – take aim 26x

Venom Shot : 24xp – take aim 27xp

Bane Shot : 24xp – Take aim 27xp

Hex Eater Shot : 24xp – Take aim 27xp

Silver Shot : 25xp – Take aim 28xp

Steel Shot : 25xp – Take aim 28xp

(Dagger) Gray Tag enemies.

Cut : 4 Xp

Swipe : 4 Xp

Gouge : 4 Xp

Eviscerate : 4 Xp

Asp : 2 Xp

Adder: 4Xp

Throw Dirt : 6xp

Sidewinder : 8xp

Vipers Nest : 10xp

(Dagger) Green Tag enemies.

Cut : 20xp

Swipe : 20xp

Gouge : 20xp

Eviscerate : 20xp

Asp: 18xp

Adder: 20xp

Throw Dirt: 22xp

Sidewinder: 24xp

Vipers Nest: 26xp

(Dagger) Yellow Tag enemies.

Cut : 22xp

Swipe : 22xp

Gouge : 22xp

Eviscerate : 22xp

Asp : 20xp

Adder : 22xp

Throw Dirt : 24xp

Sidewinder : 26xp

Vipers Nest: 28xp

(Dagger) Red Tag enemies.

Cut : 24xp

Swipe : 24xp

Gouge : 24xp

Eviscerate : 24xp

Asp : 22xp

Adder : 24xp

Throw Dirt : 26xp

Sidewinder : 28xp

Vipers Nest: 30xp

(Grenades) Gray Tag Enemies

Explosive : 4Xp (Charge is same)

Stink Pot : 4xp (Charge is same)

Fire Bomb : 4xp (Charge is same)

Smoke Bomb : 4xp (Charge is same)

Siege Charge : 4xp (Charge is same)

(Grenades) Green Tag enemies.

Explosive : 20xp

Stink Pot: 20xp

Fire Bomb : 20xp

Smoke Bomb : 20xp

Siege Charge : 20xp

(Grenade) Yellow Tag enemies.

Explosive: 22xp

Stink Pot: 22xp

Fire Bomb : 22xp

Smoke Bomb :22xp

Siege Charge : 22xp

(Grenades) Red Tag enemies

Explosive : 24xp

Stink Pot : 24xp

Fire Bomb : 24xp

Smoke Bomb : 24xp

Siege Charge : 24xp

(Staff) Gray Tag enemies.

Blast : 1xp

Soul Flay : 3xp

Pestilence : 5xp

Wither : 4xp

Flaming Skull : 9xp

Banish : 18xp

Desolation : 15xp

(Staff) Gray Tag Enemies.

Blast : 17xp

Soul Flay :19xp

Pestilence : 21xp

Wither : 20xp

Flaming Skull : 25xp

Banish : 34xp

Desolation : 31xp

(Staff) Yellow Tag enemies.

Blast : 19xp

Soul Flay :21xp

Pestilence : 23xp

Wither : 22xp

Flaming Skull : 27xp

Banish : 36xp

Desolation : 33xp

(Staff) Red Tag enemies.

Blast : 21xp

Soul Flay : 23xp

Pestilence : 25xp

Wither : 24xp

Flaming Skull : 29xp

Banish : 38xp

Desolation : 35xp

Cannon (Still testing...)

Round Shot : 2xp (6xp per round)

Chain Shot : 3xp (9xp per round)

Grape Shot : 6xp (18xp per round)

Firebrand : 2xp (6xp per round) 

Thunderbolt : 4xp - For one shot.

Explosive : 21xp - For one shot.

Fury : 2xp (6xp per round)

This Guide is still being edited.... Please let me know if you see any errors.

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