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For all non-harmful equipment, such as cannon rams, see Equipment. For ammunition, see Ammunition.

No pirate can go through the Caribbean unarmed, as his enemies are aplenty out there! Their cutlass and pistol are almost a part of them and other weapons allow them to use Voodoo or assault ships.

Through the game, the player will learn how to use the primary weapon types. As they level up, they are able to use more advanced weapons of each type. There are five different categories of weapons: The run-of-the-mill Crude weapons, the slightly more elaborate Common weapons, the powerful Rare weapons, the mysterious and mighty Famed items, and the mythical Legendary weapons. Weapons are also grouped based on their names and common skills.

Game Note

Most weapons, including the most powerful ones, are found in loot drops. However, some common items are sold by merchants for gold. Any Gunsmith, Blacksmith, or Gypsy sells weapons, but each has their own variety. More basic and inexpensive weapons can be found at shops on Port Royal, while improved versions can be purchased on Tortuga. The craftsmen on Padres Del Fuego offer the highest quality items, to meet the demands of the more experienced pirates who frequent there. The weapons there require high skills.You can also get items from the codes from the Pirates of the Caribbean site.

Bladed Weapons

Pirates using bladed weapons primarily use Combos to defeat their enemies. Daggers can also be thrown at opponents as a ranged means of attack. All types of swords use the same skill set, while daggers use a separate set.


The cutlass is the first item of self-defense given to the pirate. A cutlass is a medium-sized sword with a curved blade.


A Sabre is a short, single-edged straight sword. It is lighter and faster to use, but maybe more difficult to master. Sabres generally have lower attack then Broadswords or Cutlasses.


A broadsword is a long, heavy double-edge sword. A successful swing can hit more than one opponent. Broadswords usually have the highest attack of the swords.

Cursed Blade

A Cursed Blade is a sword that has a cursed appearances and can be any one of the three sword types (Cutlass, Sabre, Broadsword). They have powers that either are mixtures of powers found in normal swords or are new and unique like Cursed Thunder, Ice and Fire.


The dagger is a small bladed weapon that can be thrown as easily as it is swung. A pirate can also learn combos using knives as well as how to handle specialty ones.

Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives are sets of small knives that can be thrown at an enemy. They differ from Daggers in that instead of a melee combo chain, they have a ranged knife-throwing combo. Due to this throwing knives are more long-range oriented than daggers. Other than that, knives use the same skill set as daggers, and a pirate's skill with them is defined by the same level. They also allow dagger skills to recharge at a faster rate.


In Pirates Online, the Pirate's Code limits players from using firearms against human enemies. Increasing your skill in managing firearms will increase your range, accuracy and add special ammunition to your arsenal.


A pistol is a handgun that can be used to attack the pirate's enemies at medium distance. Pistols have a one-shot chamber and need to be reloaded after each shot.


A repeater is a handgun that has the special ability to shoot multiple bullets without reloading. Some repeaters shoot 2 bullets, and some 3. Regular pistols can only shoot 1 bullet before reloading.


The musket is a muzzle-loaded long-barrelled, long-ranged firearm with 1 barrel.


The bayonet is a musket with a large knife-size blade attached to the barrel, allowing for close-quarters combat. It was generally used by the Navy, but can only be found rarely of CPU's higher than, for example , cadet. (Found off slightly increased level units like a Sergeant or Veteran. Fort Charles doesn't seem to contain any).


A blunderbuss is a type of large-barrelled, long firearm - similar to a modern shotgun. It fires a spread shot at short range. It takes a little time to reload, so you could have enemies upon you before you can shoot again. Usually it is the highest attack out of the firearms.


Grenades are small ceramic pots filled with gunpowder or other various contents that gives the pirate a hand thrown weapon that can assault several enemies at once from a safe distance.


A cannon is a large artillery weapon used for protecting your ship or attacking enemy ships requires a pirate to be able to load and fire a deck-mounted gun. The various skills learned will allow the pirate to load faster, shoot faster, do more damage and handle special types of ammunition.

Voodoo Weapons

Voodoo Doll

The Voodoo Doll is a supernatural artifact that can be used to hurt an enemy or help a friend. By simply touching (or attuning) a target with the doll first(some doll dont need to be attuned), the user can assault or heal - several enemies and/or allies at once, even while on the run. (You must keep in distance with target/s or you will lose attunement). Like a voodoo staff, you can buy a voodoo doll at any gypsy or find one in dropped loot. There are 4 different types of Dolls. They are Mojo Dolls, Spirit Dolls, Bane Dolls, and Basics.

Voodoo Staff

The Voodoo Staff allows a practictioner of voodoo to cast spells without having to attune to their targets. A staff can hurl voodoo hexes at a distance at multiple enemies. The spells will have to charge before casting, but they are all far more powerful. Like a voodoo doll, you can buy this at any gypsy or find one in dropped loot. There are 4 different types of Staves. They are Dark Staves, Nature Staves, Warding Staves, and Basics. The downside is that voodoo staffs can't heal unless the staff itself has a skill for healing.

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