Many weapons have special abilities that can be used while the weapon is equipped. These skills often need to be charged before they can be used.

Types of abilities

  • Attacks - A weapon may grant a special attack or added damage.
  • Auras - Some staves can emit a radius of energy around the user to heal, protect or enhance others. These abilities can be toggled on and off.
  • Defense - These abilities provide protection from special attacks. They are automatically activated as soon as they are charged, and usually block one attack of a specific damage type (melee, ranged, voodoo).
  • Healing - The weapon may Heal or Cure the user without voodoo.
  • Immunity - These abilities grant immunity or partial resistance to Pain, Poison, Acid, etc.
  • Infinite Ammo - Some firearms and knives may have unlimited special ammunition.

Charging types

Skills are charged in two different ways:

  • Weapon Skill / Defense Skill - The skill is charged over time.
  • Break Attack - The skill is charged when the user receives damage, and when attack combos (so break attacks on guns are not as versatile as those on swords and daggers) are properly timed, but these skills CAN ONLY be charged while you are in battle.

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