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Warships are special Bounty Hunter ships that the Navy sends after you. They are probably the deadliest ships to set sail next to the Treasure Fleets. They will appear when you become a Rogue on the Run, Level 4 of Scoundrel of the Seas (when you get the skull and crossbones with the hat and patch). If you encounter these ships, you better have a full crew. Only the bravest and most skilled of Pirates..... or the foolish and doomed would attempt this without a full crew and still hope to survive.

Game Notes:

  • All Bounty Hunters and Warships have a chance of dropping resources that are vital for customizing your ship's hull and rigging.
  • Warships can still move even if you shoot down their sails.
  • Just because a Warship is on you, doesn't mean Bounty Hunters will rest. They will still give chase to you, even as a Rogue on the Run. If, however, Warships are your main targets for the purposes of loot hauling, then you can at least slow down the Hunters by completely destroying their sails, leaving only the Warships to fend off while the poor Hunter can only watch helplessly as its ally gets smashed to nothing. Just don't leave the general area around the Hunter..... if you do, it will despawn for repairs, and another one will be coming your way.

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