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The Voodoo Staff is a magical item which can send quick energy blasts or even more powerful special attacks, such as Flaming Skull, or Desolation. You hold down the Left-Mouse button or the Ctrl button to charge it up. The staff is a widely respected weapon and widely used around the Caribbean for its power to destroy many enemies at once.

Even more powerful than a Voodoo Doll, staves (or staffs, as most pirates like to call them) allow a pirate to use voodoo spells against enemies at a distance. Unlike the voodoo doll, the staff does not have to be attuned to a target first. Most of the voodoo spells are line-of-sight or have an area or aura effect.

Level Up!


Leveling up your voodoo staff adds +4 HP, +6 Voodoo

Obtaining the Voodoo Staff

The staff is not available until the pirate reaches Notoriety level 30.

Once summoned by Tia Dalma, the pirate then sets about a major quest to assemble, then charge up the staff as part of the Voodoo Staff Unlock Quest.

The Voodoo Staff can also be unlocked by obtaining the Burnt Staff from the Raven's Cove Story Quest. Reciving the Burnt Staff will automatically unlock the Voodoo Staff weapon. The Voodoo Staff Unlock Quest will stay in the journal but will not need to be completed to use the Voodoo Staff. All that is needed to use the Voodoo Staff is the Cursed Staff which can be purchased from any of the Gypsy's.

With the new loot and inventory system, there are now four different types of staves. There are the original Voodoo Staves from before new weapons were released (Cursed Staff, Warped Staff, Rend Staff, Harrow Staff and Vile Staff), and new types of staves such as Dark Staves, Nature Staves, and Warding Staves.

These auras radiate around the staff user. Any pirate inside the aura will benefit from these effects.

The pirate will receive the Cursed Staff as their first voodoo staff, but more powerful ones are available from a gypsy or by completing additional quests, or from Loot drops. There are not many loot drop staves but most of them aren't very good if you have mastered the Voodoo Staff.


Unlike a voodoo doll, which requires the user to attune their enemy or friend, the staff user just has to aim at their targets. The staff can however not be used to heal allies outside of the Nature Aura ability. To use a staff spell, hold down Ctrl or the Left-Mouse button to 'charge' up the staff before releasing the full spell. Each full casting takes voodoo power. The stronger the spell, the more voodoo it takes and the longer time it takes to cast.

If the spell is interrupted, or the user releases the attack key before the spell is complete, it 'fizzles' and there is no effect at all.

A user can also quickly click the attack button to release a Blast. Blast only deals marginal damage, but restores 50 voodoo per hit.

It does take time to charge most staff attacks, so when using it be aware that the enemy will attack you while you are charging unless the enemy is killed with one attack.

Types of Staves

Crude *
Legendary *

*There are no Crude Staffs available in the game.

3<td style="text-align: center"3
Rarity Name Attack Level Req. Abilities Cost
Bone Staff 35Dark Aura 13,610g
Burnt Staff 2216Dark Aura 1, Flaming Skull +2Complete Madam Zigana's Bonus Task in the Raven's Cove Story Quest
Candy Cane Staff 2517Conservation +2, Healing Boost 2600 Small Moonstones, 400 Large Moonstones
Charred Staff 3022Dark Aura 2, Flaming Skull +2, Conservation +1600 Large Bones, 2 Haunted Bones
Corpse Staff 3630Flaming Skull +3, Spirit Mastery +2 150 Small Bones 250 Large Bones 40 Haunted Bones
Cursed Staff (Quest)230NoneFree/100g
Dark Omen 4530Flaming Skull +3, Concentration +3, Dark Curse 3 Loot
Death Staff 2825Dark Aura 122,050g
Defender Staff 47Warding Aura 15,670g
Demon Skull Staff 4530Spirit Mastery +3, Soul Flay +2, Dark Aura 3, Cursed Immunity800 Large Bones, 60 Haunted Bones
Dire Staff 2821Dark Aura 2, Spirit Mastery +2Code
Dread Staff 22Soul Flay +1N/A
Exorcism Staff 3826Spirit Lore +3, Banish +3, Warding Aura 3N/A
Frostedge Staff 4130Warding Aura 3, Wither +3, Desolation +2N/A
Grim Staff 1010Dark Aura 1600
Guardian Staff 2322Warding Aura 123,960
Harrow Staff (Quest)615Powerful 3Free w/ Quest
Healing Staff 36Nature Aura 14,340g
Juju Staff 15Blast +1N/A
Life Staff 2826Nature Aura 126,460g
Mending Staff 911Nature Aura 17,940g
Navigator's Staff 3227Nature Aura 3, Wither +2, Spirit Lore +280 Large Bones + 30 Haunted Bones
Overseer Staff 1617Warding Aura 115,750g
Rend Staff 4 10 Powerful 2
Renewal Staff 2121Nature Aura 118,380g
Restoration Staff 1516Nature Aura 112,620g
Rotten Staff 23NoneN/A
Skeletal Staff 1615Dark Aura 111,250g
Skull Staff 1715Dark Aura 1, Spirit Mastery +1Code
Spirit Burner Staff 128Dark Aura 2, Soul Flay +2, Blast +1Loot
Spirit Shredder Staff 21 11 Dark Aura 3, Soul Flay +2, Blast +2 Loot
Staff of Ice 3030Warding Aura 3, Spirit Lore +3N/A
 Staff of Lava 3025Dark Aura 3, Flaming Skull +330 Haunted Bones
Staff of Shrunken Heads 38 30 Dark Aura 3, Desolation Resistance 2, Desolation +2 Loot
Staff of the Hollowed Gem 52 30 Jumbee Fire 5, Desolation Resistance 4, Spirit Lore +4, Spirit Mastery +3, Desolation +3 Loot or

1,050 Large & 3,500 Haunted Bones

 Staff of Water 3025Warding Aura 3, Banish +330 Haunted Bones
Tribal Staff 77Blast +2N/A
Tribal Chief Staff 2927Warding Aura 132,360g
Undead Staff 2220Dark Aura 116,200g
Vile Staff (Quest)820Powerful 4Free w/ Quest
Warden Staff 1012Warding Aura 110,080g
Warped Staff 5
Widow's Pumpkin Staff 38 30 Nature Aura 4, Soul Flay +3, Focus +3 150 Small Bones, 300 Large Bones, & 45 Haunted Bones

Voodoo Staff Skills

The staff greatly enhances the kinds of hexes and abilities the pirate can use with their voodoo power.

Soul Flay
Flaming Skull

Hex Skills

Most of the Hexes a pirate can use with a voodoo staff are more intended for attacking a group of enemies from a distance, since the user does NOT have to attune it to them.

Hex Description Voodoo Power Cast Time Level Req. Icon
Blast An instant blast of magic.0Instant1Staff blast.png
Soul Flay A stronger magic.3011Staff frostbeam.png
Pestilence A cloud of burning green acid engulfs the enemy.4532Staff pestilence.png
Wither An aurora of teal magic damages any nearby enemy.6024Staff sparks.png
Flaming Skull A burning skull sets any enemy aflame in the line of sight. 120410Staff fire.png
Banish A strong hex that only works on Undead.210814Staff deluge.png
Desolation A graphic swirling storm of death.3001220Staff shockwave.png

Passive Skills

In addition to hexes the pirate has to cast, the Voodoo Staff also can provide abilities that, once learned, are always in effect. These abilities can also apply to the user's Voodoo Doll as well.

Hex Description Level Req. Icon
Concentration Increases Voodoo Power recovery rate6Staff concentration.png
Spirit Lore Increases staff casting speed8Staff spirit lore.png
Conservation Decreases amount of Voodoo Power used by Staff and Doll12Staff conservation.png
Spirit Mastery Increases the damage by Staff and Doll17Staff harmony.png


  • The best way to level up the early levels of staff is to go to Kingshead and defeat the Veterans in the center with Wither.
  • Even though it's called a Voodoo "Staff", it says "Wand" when you get to the next level. This was changed so it correctly says "Staff".
  • Staff is the only weapons class that has not received many new recent additions. This suggests that, like Voodoo Doll and Dagger, new types may soon be added. You can see what these may be at Unreleased Items page.

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