Add userboxes to hoist your colors on your userpage! If you have a good idea for a userbox, you can use the userbox template to make one. It is strongly discouraged to use userboxes that do not reflect the truth.

What is a Userbox?

A Userbox is a small colored box (see example below) designed to appear only on a user page as a communicative notice about the user.

Userbox played since Userboxes started playing Pirates Online in {{{1}}} of {{{2}}}.

Userboxes are made from templates. Templates are simplified codes that can be added to any page without having to add the entire code.

To add a userbox to your profile page, simply copy the userbox template code and paste it on your page.

Example of a userbox template code: {{CatchGlitter}}

Some userboxes can be customized with information that is unique to the user.

Example: {{Level|lvl}}
(Enter notoriety level between 1 and 50)

LevelTemplate33 Userboxes's pirate has reached level 33!

This userbox can be customized with the user's notoriety level. Enter the notoriety level where the template code indicates "lvl".

For this userbox it looks like: {{Level|33}}


Users are free to copy any userbox code and add it to their profile page.

Do not change a userbox if you didn't create it (unless you have permission from the creator).

Note: All userboxes need to be approved by an administrator before a template page is made.

If you are from another wiki, as a courtesy, please do not copy userboxes from this wiki unless you get permission from the creator.

Wiki Userbox

Userbox Template Code
Admin Seal Userboxes is an administrator of the Pirates Online Wiki.

{{Admin User}}
RollbackSeal Userboxes is a Rollback of the Pirates Online Wiki.

{{Rollback User}}
ChatModSeal Userboxes is a Chat Moderator of the Pirates Online Wiki.

Source Coding Userboxes understands Wikia Coding and can help you with an issue.

Image Editor Userboxes is an expert image editor and can make you a signature or image.


Nationality (A-Z)

Note: Please contact an admin if your country is not listed.

Userbox Template Code
User American Userboxes is American.

{{American User}}
Argentina-flag Userboxes is an Argentinean User

{{Argentinean User}}

AusFlag Userboxes is an Australian User

{{Australian User}}

BelgianFlag Userboxes is Belgian.

Deze gebruiker is Belgisch.

{{Belgian User}}

Britbritflag Userboxes is a British User

{{British User}}

Canadian flag Userboxes is of Canadian origin.

{{Canadian User}}

Dutch Flag Userboxes is dutch.

Deze gebruiker is Nederlands.

{{Dutch User}}

Hungary flag Userboxes is Hungarian.
Ez a felhasználó Magyar.

{{Hungarian User}}

India Flag Userboxes is of Indian origin.

Userboxes भारतीय मूल की है !

{{Indian User}}

Banderamexico Userboxes is Mexican.
{{Mexican User}}

125px-Flag of Norway Userboxes is Norwegian.

Denne Brukeren er Norsk.

{{Norwegian User}}

Flag of Pakistan Userboxes is of Pakistani origin.

یہ صارف ایک پاکستانی ہے.

{{Pakistani User}}

Romanian Flag Userboxes is Romanian.

{{Romanian User}}

{{Ukrainian User}}


Userbox Template Code
LevelTemplate33 Userboxes's pirate has reached level 33!

*Enter notoriety level (1-50)
TestLevel Template Userboxes's Test Server pirate has reached level 32!

*Enter notoriety level (1-50)
Noto50 2 Userboxes has 2 level 50 pirates!

{{Number of 50s|number}}
*Enter number of 50s (2-8)
Userbox TestServer Userboxes is a Test Server Player!


LeadershipIcon Userboxes has completed The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest and retrieved the Black Pearl!


RavenIcon Userboxes has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!


War G Userboxes is a master Sailor!

{{Sailing Mastered}}

Mastered Userboxes has mastered all weapons!


Treasure Userboxes has completed all of his or her Treasure Collections!

{{Treasure Collections}}

AllQuests Userboxes has completed all quests!


[[File:Vessel class {{{1}}} sloop.jpg|50px]] Userboxes owns a {{{1}}} Sloop called the {{{2}}}

{{Sloop|ship class|ship name}}
[[File:Vessel class {{{1}}} galleon.jpg|50px]] Userboxes owns a {{{1}}} Galleon called the {{{2}}}

{{Galleon|ship class|ship name}}
[[File:Vessel class {{{1}}} frigate.jpg|50px]] Userboxes owns a {{{1}}} Frigate called the {{{2}}}

{{Frigate|ship class|ship name}}
[[File:Vessel class {{{1}}} brig.jpg|50px]] Userboxes owns a {{{1}}} Brig called the {{{2}}}

{{Brig|ship class|ship name}}
ElPatronIcon Userboxes is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!

{{El Patron}}

Silver freeze ub Userboxes is in possession of the Legendary Silver Freeze!

{{Silver Freeze}}

Thunder spine Userboxes is in possession of the legendary Thunderspine Sword!


World Eater Icon Userboxes is in possession of the devouring World Eater Blade!

{{World Eater Blade}}

Emerald Curse Icon Userboxes is in possession of The Emerald Curse!

{{Emerald Curse}}

Abyss Icon Userboxes is in possession of the Blade of the Abyss!

{{Abyss Blade}}

Behemoth Icon Userboxes is in possession of the mighty Behemoth Blade!

{{Behemoth Blade}}

HeartPadresIcon Userboxes is in possession of the Heart of Padres Del Fuego!

{{Heart of Padres}}

BarbosFuryUserboxIcon Userboxes is in possession of Barbossa's Fury!

{{Barbossa's Fury}}

Norrington'sSpyglassIcon Userboxes won Norrington's Spyglass in the Sink Navy Ships competition!

{{Norrington's Spyglass}}

Barracuda water Userboxes is in possession of the voracious Barracuda Blade!

{{Barracuda Blade}}

TyrantBlade Userboxes is in possession of the magnate Tyrant Blade!

{{Tyrant Blade}}

DarkMutUserbox Userboxes is in possession of the perfidious Dark Mutineer!

{{Dark Mutineer}}

[[File:Weapon {{{1}}} Choice.PNG|55px|link={{{1}}}]] Userboxes's weapon of choice is the [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]!

{{Weapon Choice|Weapon}}
*Enter weapon type
[[File:Cursed {{{1}}} Blade.jpg|50px|link={{{1}}}]] Userboxes chose the [[{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] after completing the Raven's Cove Quest!

{{RCBlade|Blade chosen}}
*Enter Spinecrest Sword, Nautilus Blade or Bitter End
All legendary Userboxes is in possession of all of the Legendary Items!

{{All Legendary}}

CursedBlades Userboxes has 16 Cursed Blades!

{{NumberCursed|Number of Blades}}
*Enter number (1-32)
Famed number userbox image Userboxes has 60 Famed Weapons!

{{Famedcount|Number of Famed Items}}
PotionsIcon Userboxes is an expert potion brewer!

{{Potions Mastered}}

FireDragonScale Userboxes caught the mythical Fire Dragon!


FogbellScale Userboxes caught the Terrifying Fogbell!


GlitteringGirlScale Userboxes caught the Graceful Glittering Girl!


MossyMosesScale Userboxes caught the massive Mossy Moses!


SpeedyLouScale Userboxes caught Speedy Lou, the racing fish!


Legendary fish icon Userboxes has caught all the Legendary Fish!

{{Legendary Fish}}

LegendaryLure Userboxes is an expert fisherman!

{{Fishing Mastered}}

CD userbox Userboxes has reached wave {{{1}}} in Cannon Defense!

{{Cannon Defense|#}}
Round Shot Userboxes's favorite ammo in Cannon Defense is Round Shot!

{{CannonShot|Cannon Defense ammo type}}
Userbox Revenant Ram Userboxes possesses the highly prized Revenant Ram and INFINITE FURY!

{{Revenant Ram}}

Userbox cheat cards Userboxes has {{{1}}} Cheat Cards!

{{Number Cheat Cards|#}}
Userbox cards set Userboxes has a COMPLETE set of Cheat Cards!

{{Cards Complete}}

Userbox played since Userboxes started playing Pirates Online in {{{1}}} of {{{2}}}.

{{Played Since|Month|Year}}
PotionCommotionUserbox Userboxes is a winner of the Potion Commotion Challenge!

{{Potion Commotion Winner}}

SmashUB Userboxes ranked 1 in the Smash A Skeleton Competition!

Chicken dance55px I has a chicken!


{{Party Hard}}

Userbox rage ghost Userboxes is a master at defeating the Rage Ghosts!

{{Master Rage Ghosts}}

Icon Tailor Userboxes would love to find {{{1}}} in a loot drop!

{{Wish Clothing|clothing}}
Make a wish Userboxes would luuuv to find [[{{{1}}}]] in a loot drop!

{{Wish Weapon|weapon}}
Userbox phase files Userboxes has unlocked and explored the phase files!

{{Phase Files}}

Userbox kraken Userboxes is still waiting for the promised Kraken update!!!


UserboxesGuides Userboxes has made one or more guides on the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Wiki!


Userbox SotL Userboxes has sailed on a Ship of the Line on the Test Server!

{{Test SOTL}}

Treasure button coin Userboxes has reached the gold cap of 300,000 gold!

{{Gold Cap Reached}}

Founder Coin Userboxes is a Founder and has been playing the game since December 2007 or earlier!


Userbox rage ghost KO Userboxes has been knocked out by Rage Ghosts too many times!

{{Rage Ghost KO}}

[[File:{{{1}}}_clearer.png|55px|link=Infamy]] Userboxes has achieved the PvP Infamy rank of {{{1}}}!

{{Infamy PvP|Rank}}
[[File:{{{1}}}_clearer.png|55px|link=Infamy]] Userboxes has achieved the SvS Infamy rank of {{{1}}}!

{{Infamy SvS|Rank}}
French svs Userboxes is a Frenchman!


Spanish svs Userboxes is a Spaniard!


Mercenary svs Userboxes is a Mercenary Privateer!

{{Mercenary Privateer}}

Icon black pearl Userboxes soloed The Black Pearl Boss Battle and recovered the Black Pearl!


Userbox QAR Userboxes soloed The Queen Anne's Revenge and defeated her crew!


Curse moon
Userboxes is excited about the Curse of the Muertos Moon

{{Curse Moon}}

SevenSeasRepeaterMyth I believe the Seven Seas Repeater exists!

{{Seven Seas Repeater}}
Boss Icon Userboxes has defeated every boss at least once!

{{Every Boss Defeated}}

Ship Customization

Note: Ship Customization userboxes are recommended to display upgrades of one ship only.

Userbox Template Code
BasicHullUserbox Userboxes has a {{{1}}} with a Basic Hull!

{{Basic Hull|Ship}}
Userbox streamlined Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} streamlined, rank {{{2}}}!

{{Customized Streamlined|Ship|Rank}}
Userbox cargo Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Cargo rank {{{2}}}!

{{Customized Cargo|Ship|Rank}}
Userbox Reinforced Userboxes has a reinforced {{{1}}} at rank {{{2}}}!

{{Customized Reinforced|Ship|Rank}}
CopperheadIcon Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Copperhead rank {{{2}}}!

Userbox firestorm Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Firestorm rank {{{2}}}!

Userbox fortune Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Fortune Hunter rank {{{2}}}!

{{Fortune Hunter|Ship|Rank}}
Userbox skull Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Skull & Bones rank {{{2}}}!

{{Skull and Bones|Ship|Rank}}
StormChaserIcon Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Storm Chaser rank {{{2}}}!

{{Storm Chaser|Ship|Rank}}
Sail full sail Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Speed rigging rank {{{2}}}!

Sail openfire2 Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Offense rigging rank {{{2}}}!

Sail take cover Userboxes has an upgraded {{{1}}} with Defense rigging rank {{{2}}}!



To easily stack your userboxes together, you can use the Babel Template. To use this template follow these instructions:



{{Favorite Color|green}}
{{Fishing Mastered}}
{{American User}}
{{Potions Mastered}}


green Userboxes's favorite color is green.

Mastered Userboxes has mastered all weapons!

LegendaryLure Userboxes is an expert fisherman!

User American Userboxes is American.

LevelTemplate34 Userboxes's pirate has reached level 34!

PotionsIcon Userboxes is an expert potion brewer!

The default Babel template will display on the left side of your page. If you want to place it on the right, use the BabelRight template.

Event Wall and Badges

Here at the Pirates Online Wiki, we host periodic in-game events. If you participated in an event, or won an event, you can post a badge for that event on your event wall. The event wall is not a Userbox, and does not belong in a babel template (userbox stacking template).

Adding the Event Wall

Put the following coding on your page to add the event wall:

{{Social Tier|}}

The coding should make your event wall appear like this:

{{}} {{{{{2}}}}} {{{{{3}}}}} {{{{{4}}}}} {{{{{5}}}}} {{{{{6}}}}}

Adding Badges

To add badges, put the badge code after the |, like so:

{{Social Tier|Social 1}}

The outcome should be this:

Event New Year&#039;s Eve 2011 {{{{{2}}}}} {{{{{3}}}}} {{{{{4}}}}} {{{{{5}}}}} {{{{{6}}}}}

To place multiple badges, add a second |, and then the second badge code, like so:

{{Social Tier|Social 1|Social 1w}}

The outcome should be:

Event New Year&#039;s Eve 2011 News icon july4 {{{{{3}}}}} {{{{{4}}}}} {{{{{5}}}}} {{{{{6}}}}}

You can hover your mouse arrow over the badge, to see which event it is from.

List of Badges

New badges are added frequently with new events. Any new badges made will be posted here, or on their respective event's blog, which will be heavily advertised on the wiki 2-3 days before the initial event.

Event Badge Template Code
Event New Year&#039;s Eve 2011 {{Social Tier|Social 1}}
News icon july4 {{Social Tier|Social 1w}}
Anniversaryparty {{Social Tier|Social 2}}
Anniversarywinner {{Social Tier|Social 2w}}
EasterParticipent {{Social Tier|Social 3}}
EasterWinner {{Social Tier|Social 3w}}

Other Templates

Template Template Code
Stick Pirates
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This page contains information from the Test Server.
QuizUserbox Userboxes took the Pirates Online Quiz and Scored 100%!


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