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In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the term undead refers to a member of Jolly Roger's army of walking skeletons - poor souls brought back from the dead to serve in his revenge, sometimes French or Spanish ghosts haunting the islands.

Undead have no fear, no matter what level of opponent they face, and will attack without mercy and giving no quarter. Fortunately, every weapon in the pirate's Weapon Belt can do them harm. Once the sod's carcass has taken enough damage, they will collapse - releasing Jolly Roger's hold on them and freeing their spirits. Most consider serving in this devil's army to be a fate worse than death.

Historically, undead referred to anything that had died once then been resurrected. This included zombies, vampires, and other creatures of horror. Despite common beliefs, when one is affected by the Muertos Moon they are not a zombie. Zombies are re-animated corpses that are somewhat subject to the laws of nature, like disease, fatigue, and decomposition. During the curse, pirates are turned into undead skeletons, whose flesh is bound by dark magic.


  • Undead are usually pictured as ragged skeletons with little flesh on them and ragged clothing. However, Undead Spanish minions wear some armor. This does not affect their stats.
  • Undead are sometimes pictured as having green shining orbs for eyes; most of the time, however, their eye sockets are empty.
  • It is known the Undead can speak.

Undead Skeleton Army

Regular Undead Army

Name Level Main Weapon Health
Undead Gravedigger 1–3Dagger 50-125
Undead Bandit 2–5Cutlass 75-250
Undead Pirate 4-7Cutlass 175-450
Undead Mutineer 4-7Dagger 175-450
Undead Brute 6-10Cutlass 350-750
Undead Witchdoctor 6-10Voodoo Doll 350-750
Undead Brigand 9-14Dagger 650-1,150
Undead Duelist 13-19Cutlass 1,050-1,650
Powder Keg Runner 16-20Explosive Keg1,350-1,750
Undead Grenadier 18-25Grenade 1,450-2,050
Undead Slasher 18-25Dagger 1,750-2,350
Undead Gypsy 23-30Voodoo Doll 1,950-2,750
Undead Executioner 23-30Cutlass2,050-2,750
Undead Raider 28-35Dagger/Cutlass2,550-3,250
Undead Captain 32-38Cutlass/Dagger2,950-4,250

French Undead

These soldiers returned from the grave can be found on Isla Cangrejos and on French ships circling the island using foils with fine skill.

Name Level Health Points
French Quartermaster 10-15750-1,250
French Maitre 15-201,250-1,750
French Lieutenant 20-251,750-2,250
French Capitaine 25-302,250-2,750

Spanish Undead

Carrying on their war with the French, these undead can be found in cemeteries on Cutthroat Isle and on Spanish ghost ships sailing around it.

All Spanish Undead use Dual cutlasses.

Name Level Health Points
Spanish Conquistador 10-15750-1,250
Spanish Bandido 15-201,250-1,750
Spanish Pirata 20-251,750-2,250
Spanish Capitan 25-302,250-2,750

Game Note

Spanish Skeletons can now be found in the Lava Gorge in Padres Del Fuego as well.

Undead Bosses

Facing one of Jolly Roger's army is frightening enough, but these baddies are even stronger, deadlier and more terrifying.

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