Often times a pirates will spend a Skill Point on a new skill or ability and later regret it. To that end, Trainers work out of the various Blacksmith shops on the main islands and can re-educate the pirate by re-allocating their skill points.

Visiting A Trainer

All trainers can be found in the many blacksmith shops across the islands. They have a special Skills Icon over their head. Just walk up to them and press Shift. The pirate will be offered to retrain a specific skill.

There is a nominal fee of 250 gold per skill to reset. But, the next time that same skill is re-learned, the cost goes up to 2500! Then, 10,000! So choose wisely.

When retraining, the skill is cleared. All abilities are set to zero and the skill points are made available. They can only be used in that skill. Points CANNOT be moved to another skill altogether.


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