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For the plundering and pillaging pirate, work is never done. But, pirates are known as much for their carousing as their skullduggery and where better than a local pub or drinkhouse?

Taverns can be found on all the main islands, even on the privateer islands and Raven's Cove.

If you want to earn some extra money, you can play Blackjack or you can play Tortuga Hold em' Poker. Pirates can also pick up an extra quest from some of the regulars or stop in to start or finish a larger quest.

Taverns are located by the Ale Mug icon over the door. Press Shift to enter.

Once inside, a pirate can go to a card table and play (if there are any), or interact with one of the characters inside (Bartender, Musician or Townsperson). If a patron or the bartender has a quest available the quest icon (map) will appear over their head.

Tavern Locations


*Currently, no mini-games available here


Below are the soundtracks that are played while inside a Tavern.

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