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Tailors are merchants who offer garb from basic shirts and pantaloons to more elegant blouses, coats and boots. They can be found in towns on all of the main islands. They buy and sell clothes, including shirts, pants, vests, belts, hats, boots and coats. Some even offer quests for special attire.

Note - Basic Access players can only buy crude clothing.

Visit a Tailor


A tailor shop can be located by looking for their needle and thread signs over their door. On Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego the needle and thread symbol also appears on the new large island maps. To enter, approach the door and press Shift.

Once inside, walk to the tailor and press Shift again.

A menu of their wares will appear, organized by type (Vest, Shirt, etc.).

Simply scroll through the selections. By clicking on the image, you can Preview how your pirate will look in their new threads. By dragging the bar at the bottom, you can rotate your pirate for a full 360-degree view. Click Buy to add it to your shopping list on the right. A running total is also kept at the bottom. Simply click on the item in the list to drop it as well.

When your selections are complete, click OK to make your purchase. Whatever items your pirate was wearing at that time, they will be wearing when you leave the menu.


Sometimes a pirate needs a change. As of the Weapons of El Patron Update, you no longer need a tailor shop to change.

From the Sea Chest, click on the Inventory tab or press (I) and select Garb to see the clothes your pirate owns. You can put them on, take them off or sell them to most merchants (hopefully they wash them).

But, you can also sell your clothing while in the tailor shop. Simply go to the tailor, the select My Items and browse your clothing. You can then click on items to sell. A running tab will appear in the right, just like when purchasing.

Game Note

Pirates will always have a default outfit. Even if you sell of all your clothes, male pirates will still have a pair of pants and female pirates will still have at least a pair of pants and a blouse.

Also, should your account membership lapse, all clothes other than Crude or Default will not be available to use or even sell.


Tobias Pugpratt-0.png Blanca Cruz Profile.png Adoria Dolores.png Nathaniel Truehound Profile.png
Tobias Pugpratt
Blanca Cruz
Padres Del Fuego
Las Pulgas
Adoria Dolores
Padres Del Fuego
Los Padres
Nathaniel Truehound
Port Royal
Pugpratt's Tailoring Blanca's Tailor Shoppe Dolores Tailoring Shoppe Truehound's Tailor Shop
Screenshot 2017-10-31 20-02-36.jpg Isaiah Callecutter Profile.png Seamstress Anne.png Smugglin' Sam Profile.png
Jonathan Fairbanks
Port Royal
Hollowed Woods
Isaiah Callecutter
Seamstress Anne
Smugglin' Sam
Decrepit Shop Callecutter's Tailor Shoppe Seamstress Anne's Shop Secret Trading Outpost

Clothes for Sale

Each tailor has a different assortment of wares to offer. So, you will likely want to visit them all at some point.

Some clothes come in multiple colors and are indicated by this button. Colors.jpg

Clicking the button will bring up a panel of colors to choose from.

Clothes Colors.jpg

Clothing examp.png



Clothing Quests

Several Fortune Quests are available for the pirate to get a wardrobe makeover for no gold, and just some effort.

Clothing Giveaways

Name Availability Picture
Crossbones Bandana When clothing shops were first introduced, this
bandana was free for unlimited
access members until March 2, 2008.
Loyalty Bandana Free for unlimited access members from
November 27, 2008 to December 7, 2008.

Due to the time these were released, players wearing them are scarce.

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