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A sloop, is a fore-and-aft rigged ship, normally with only one mast, although larger ships with two or even three masts could also be referred to as war sloops or sloops-of-war. A sloop is also a very fast ship. Historically, pirates chose sloops since they were fast enough to catch even the swiftest cargo vessels and allow for a quick, easy getaway.


Generally, sloops are the fastest ships; making them ideal for scouting or hit-and-run attacks. This shallow hull only allows for minimum cargo and broadside guns. It also means the vessels are lighter armored, with the thinnest armor at the sides. Even though they have low armor, they are known for being the ship of choice in Privateering, due to their speed and small size. These types of ships are currently the fastest ships in the game for a pirates use.

Also, sloops are used as Fishing Boats.

Light Sloop

Light Sloop

This tiny vessel is what all pirates start out with and was originally one of only two ships allowed to pirates with Basic Access accounts. However, with recent updates, all light hull class ships were made available to Basic Access members.This ship is extremely good for privateering. With its tiny frame and immense speed, the light sloop is a very hard target to hit, even with max fury. Some pirates go solo on a light sloop if no gunners or sailors are available to help. It also has the fastest recovery rate of any ship. It can take about 4-5 rounds of repairs to fix it from critical damage to full hulls.

Ship Profile


  • Jack Sparrow rode into Port Royal on a sinking Light Sloop (The Jolly Mon) in the first movie.
  • There used to be a glitch where you could get unlimited amount of people on a Light Sloop, but that was fixed.
  • It is very useful for privateering because they are small and hard to hit and fast.
  • Some players use light sloops to solo in Privateering.
  • The light sloop is very easy to repair.
  • It takes about about 3-4 rounds of repairs to fix a light sloop with critical damage.


The Sloop

Double the storage and crew capacity of its lighter cousin, the medium sloop also has significantly more guns.

Ship Profile

Fishing Boat

Fishing boat2.jpg

Fishing boats are used only for fishing. They do not have any broadside cannons or cannons on deck. Fishing boats are not attacked by enemy ships, as they are not doing anything illegal and do not pose a threat. Broadsides, Ramming Speed, Take Cover, and Open Fire cannot be used on a fishing boat.

Ship Profile

  • Armor: 4,800
  • Sails: 8,000
  • Speed: 10
  • Cannons: 0 (6 Fishing Stations)
  • Broadsides: 0 (Removed)
  • Cargo: 10 slots
  • Crew: 6 (5 + Captain)
  • Cost: Rental Only - 1,000 gold per launch, unlimited time on the water.

Game Note

  • Only the captain can steer the ship
  • Though the ship is unarmed it is possible to throw grenades at an enemy ship. If any other ship sinks that enemy, you will get plunder!

War Sloop

War Sloop

The heavier version of the sloop carries a full compliment of guns, but only the cargo capacity of a standard galleon. These vessels have become a favorite of pirates who battle in privateer ship-to-ship (Ship PvP) combat. These are the fastest war ships that pirates can currently use.

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