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That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. That's what a ship needs. But what a ship is...what the Black Pearl really is...is freedom.

Let's face it: a pirate without a ship is like a gun without powder! Vessels that cross the seas come in many broad varieties for the tasks they have to perform. In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, there are three (3) sizes, and each class contains four different ship types (the latest of which is the Brig), except for the Ship of the Line.

Ship pvp2444.jpg

Each class and type have their advantages and disadvantages, such as the War ships are stronger, and hold more pirates and cargo, but aren't as fast as the light ships for quick escapes.

All of these ships can be purchased at a shipwright on any main island (Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego, Cuba, Isla De La Avaricia and Ile D'Etable De Porc). A pirate may own up to three vessels at a time, so they may choose their vessel for a task at hand. Choosing only three ships sometimes proves to be hard for pirates.

If you want to get rid of your current ship, you can sell it at any shipwright, for half the original price. (Shipwrights don't barter, mate.)

A feature for customizing ships has also been made available for pirates.

Ship Status.

The Ship Status display.

This Display appears below your Health And Voodoo Power bars when sailing. Your current speed is indicated by the arrow on the Sail Health bar. The Middle is for your Scoundrel of the Seas rank when you attack a Navy or EITC ship. Attacking a Skeleton ship will not do anything.

Hull Panels.jpg

The green bars on either side of the icon of the ship represent the ship's hull panels. The panels absorb most damage until they are broken through. When the hull panels are destroyed, your ship will sustain greater damage when fired upon.

Cargo Count.jpg

The Cargo icon displays how much cargo you have on the ship, and how much your ship can carry.

Player Count.jpg

The Player Count icon displays how many people are on your ship. (This includes you.)

Boarding Settings.jpg

This button allows you to set your ship's Boarding Permission settings. You can either allow or forbid pirates who are Friends, Guild Mates, Crew, or Public to board your ship

Ship Details

To review the ships you have, click on the Ships Icon in the Sea Chest or press the H key.

The Ships section in the Sea Chest.

There will be three bottles on the left displaying the ships the pirate owns. Click on a ship in a bottle to view the details.

The detail screen will show an image of the ship, its name and class. Below that, the ship's current Hull Points ("HP") and Sail Health ("Speed") is shown. At the bottom will appear the cargo, deck cannons, crew and broadsides.

Any damage to the vessel's hull will be show in colors:

  • Green for Light or No Damage;
  • Yellow for Moderate Damage;
  • Red for Critical Damage.

(Note: Sail Health will not change color, and will always be yellow, no matter how much damage is sustained to the sails.)

(Note: Ship health will decrease over time if it is struck by firebrand shots.)

Light Class Ship Types

Commonly referred to as interceptor class. These are the four ships you can purchase from the start of the game, until you reach Sailing Skill Level 5 - then you can buy standard ships. These vessels all have limited cargo space, only a few guns and very little armor. However, they are very maneuverable and quite affordable for the beginning buccaneer.

Basic Access pirates can only purchase Light Class ships and these vessels are not able to be Customized or Upgraded.

Light Sloop

Light Sloop
Deck of Light Sloop

This is the first vessel a pirate can own, and their first is given to them by Elizabeth Swann and Darby Drydock at no charge. They are very small, with only minimal armor and a couple of guns. But, they are very fast and maneuverable and therefore hard to hit. It has one deck gun on each side and three broadside cannons on each side. Some people choose this ship in privateering since it is so small and fast, and extremely difficult to hit and quick to repair.

Ship Profile

Light Galleon

Light Galleon
Deck of Light Galleon

These small Galleons give a beginning pirate a load of cargo space. It has the toughest hull out of all light class ships. The Light Galleon is also the slowest out of all light class ships. It has two deck guns on each side and five broadside cannons on each side.

Ship Profile

Light Frigate

Light Frigate
Deck of Light Frigate

These lightning fast, maneuverable and all around agile ships give a beginning pirate a good ship for plundering with a little more punch with eight topside guns. This ship also has 10 broadside cannons.

This ship can be used for privateering as it is a smaller target to hit. And with it's forward guns, makes it more deadly than a Light Sloop in SvS.

This small ship is definitely going to ruin your Enemy's Day!

Ship Profile

Light Brig

These ships contain a mixture of the characteristics of the other three ship types. This type of ship can also be bought by a Basic Access member This ship contains the speed of a light sloop, the armor of a light frigate and the cannons of a light galleon.

Ship Profile

Untitled picture11111.png

Medium Class Ship Types

Also referred to as Merchant class, these vessels are all larger, improved versions of the Light Class, holding more cargo, crew and carrying more armament and armor. They become available at any shipwright at Sailing Skill 5.


The Sloop

The fastest and most maneuverable ship class, the Sloop is ideal for scouting and hit-and-run attacks. However, Sloops tend to have weak armor and little cargo room. The strongest armor of the hull is located near the middle of the ship, though a weakness is at the rear and the front. They have three deck cannons on each side and five broadside cannons on each side. They're also fishing vessels if you look at the fishing boat while fishing.

Ship Profile


The Galleon

Galleons have the toughest armor among the ship classes. They can also carry the most cargo. The strongest armor of the hull is located near the rear of the ship with its weakness towards the front. This merchant Galleon is armed with nine broadsides each side and has four deck cannons on each side. Overall it is a good option for those who want large plunder but can't use or afford a war galleon.

Ship Profile


Deck of Frigate

Frigate class vessels pack the most firepower, and sporting many cannons and strong below-deck broadsides. The strongest part of the hull is near the front and the weakest near the back. It has five deck guns on each side and seven broadside cannons on each side.

Ship Profile


These ships contain a mixture of the characteristics of the other three ship types. It contains the speed of a Sloop, armor of a Galleon and cannons of a Frigate.

593px-Brig Wildrat-1-.jpg

Ship Profile

Fishing Boat

Fishing boats are used only for fishing. They do not have any broadside cannons or cannons on deck. Fishing boats are not attacked by enemy ships, as they are not doing anything illegal and do not pose a threat. Ramming Speed, Take Cover, and Open Fire can not be used on a fishing boat.

Fishing Sloop

Ship Profile

  • Armor: 4,800
  • Sails: 6,000
  • Cannons: 0 (6 Fishing Stations)
  • Broadsides: 0 (Removed)
  • Cargo: 10 slots
  • Crew: 6 (5 + Captain)
  • Cost: Rental Only - 1,000 gold per launch, unlimited time on the water.

Game Note

  • Only the captain can steer the ship
  • Though the ship is unarmed it is possible to throw grenades at an enemy ship. If any other ship sinks that enemy, you will get plunder!

War Class Ship Types

The largest, and the strongest class overall. These type of ships are available only for pirates with Sailing Skill 15 or higher. They can devastate entire formations of enemy ships at a time. These pack the most firepower and have the thickest armor and most cargo space, but also cost the most.

War Sloop

War Sloop
Deck of War Sloop

The fastest and most maneuverable warship, this heavier version of the Sloop carries a full broadside of guns, but just the same cargo capacity of a standard Galleon. These vessels are the favorite of pirates who battle in Privateer ship-to-ship (Ship PvP) combat due to their maneuverability and hard to hit hull. It has four deck cannons on each side and seven broadside cannons on each side.

Ship Profile

War Galleon

Deck of War Galleon

This fully armored and armed galleon is a sight to behold; extremely intimidating, from her large prow and tall sails, to her twenty-four broadside cannons and ten deck guns. Only a War Frigate has more pure firepower, and that's only with a full crew. The War Galleon is favored by pirates on plunder runs, since it has the biggest cargo capacity.

Though bigger than a War Frigate, its cannons have a narrower firing angle. The ship is slower, holds fewer crew and it is less maneuverable than its War Sloop and War Frigate counterparts.

Ship Profile

Historical Fact - True Spanish War Galleons had 4 rear-facing below deck guns, for a total of 26 guns. In the late 1500's a Spanish armada was sent to invade England, many ships were lost to a storm but many of the surviving ships were galleons, proving how formidable the ship class can be.

War Frigate

War Frigate
Deck of War Frigate

These massive armored vessels are floating fortresses and one of the most deadly ships a pirate can possess. Bristling with cannons on every deck, these ships also have widest firing angle of any vessel afloat, though there are none that can shoot directly aft, so watch out for any enemies that may try to sneak up on you. Unlike other warships, two cannons can shoot directly forward. It has seven deck guns on each side and 10 broadside cannons on each side.

The War Frigate is often preferred for Privateering with large crews due to the ample number of deck guns. With a full crew complement, a single war frigate can decimate scores of enemies in its path.

Ship Profile

War Brig

These ships contain a mixture of the characteristics of the other three ship types. This ship was released with the Ship Customization update. It's speed is close to that of a War Sloop, armor similar to a War Frigate, and broadside power of a War Galleon.

Catalog War Brig.jpg

Ship Profile

Ship of the Line

A Pirate Ship of the Line

These vessels are monolithic symbols of naval might, similar to historical front line warships. They appear as Royal Navy or East India Trading Company Sea Bosses that are only found during Treasure Fleets (and formerly the EITC Expedition Fleets), working alongside Bounty Hunters or if you're lucky enough to have sailed one on the Test Server.

This class of ship was first seen in the updated Boss Battle as the HMS Goliath, though the class of the ship (below the name) lists it as a "Goliath" class.

These ships have been sighted from Level 59-81 and can fire massive broadsides of Chain Shot, Firebrand, Explosive and Round Shot - with extended range from their long nine guns.

If anyone attacks this sea fortress with a full troop of Navy Elites/EITC Tyrants, the guardians will attack at once, making engaging one a foolhardy task alone.

Ship Profile:

Game Note

The Ship of the Line is currently the strongest ship in the Caribbean. This ship is NOT available for purchase, but it briefly appeared on the test server on Aug 2nd in the Shipwright's menu for a cost of 200,000g, only a few people had the money and were lucky enough to be on the test server at the right time. It was removed the next day, but the pirates that bought it have been allowed to keep it. It does appear to have generic hull and sails, not specific to a Royal Navy Ship of the line. It has been confirmed that it was never intended to be released.

Historical Fact- Ships of the Line were the primary battle ships of their day, the name coming from the tactics implemented at the time, of lining ships up for massive broadsides. Some had crews of over 1,100 men, who operated over 100, up to 12-foot guns that shot 42 pound cannonballs (That sure could ruin a pirate's day out!). Ships of the line were hardly ever sunk in battle (never by pirates) they were usually set aflame by their crews or captured.



Carracks first appeared in the Raven's Cove Update. Carracks are not available for Pirates to purchase or customize. The only Carrack known in the game is El Patron's Ship, which is landlocked on Raven's Cove near El Patron's Mine.

At the moment, all that is visible are the essentials of the ship - masts and sails, wheel, and the Loot Skull Chest which holds the three Lost Blades of El Patron.

Royal Navy Ships

Navy Treasure Fleet Emblem.jpg

The British Royal Navy operate a wide variety of ships out of Kingshead and Port Royal, based on the same design and hulls as pirate-owned ships. You can find Navy ships anywhere on the High Seas, but the further out you go, the class of vessel you encounter will be more dangerous.

You can easily identify Navy ships as they fly red and white sails. Flagships are manned by randomly determined Navy Cadets, Guards, Sergeants, Veterans and even Officers.

Navy Light Ships

These small ships can be an annoyance to high level players just passing by, but good practice for a beginner. They often sail around the safer waters of Tortuga and Port Royal.

Name Class Level Hull Points
Ferret Light Sloop1-3700-1,100
Bulwark Light Galleon6-72,000-2,600
Panther Light Frigate9-113,000-3,200

Navy Medium Ships

These ships are just a bit more dangerous to new pirates, but can be sunk easily by an experienced sailor. They can be found around a couple wild islands or on the back of Tortuga.

Name Class Level Hull Points
Greyhound Sloop11-133,200-3,600
Vanguard Galleon15-176,800
Centurion Frigate19-207,500-8,000

Navy Warships

The Navy Warships can spell the end for a beginning pirate. However, they are often a favorite of experienced pirates because they are able to sink them and get good loot.

Kingfisher*War Sloop21-235,200
Monarch War Galleon25-2710,000
Man O' War*War Frigate27-2912,100
Predator War Sloop30-328,000
Colossus*War Galleon35-3716,000
Dreadnought War Frigate35-39


Elite**War Frigate69-71N/A

(*Can appear as flagships)

(**Only in Treasure Fleets)

Navy Ships of the Line

These ships are, without a doubt, the most powerful ships a pirate can ever come across. They are enormous, fast, and cannot be stopped alone. They can easily take down any ship, from Light Sloops to even a War Brig. To make matters worse, they fire at HUGE distances.

Name Level Hull
HMS Goliath


HMS Invincible 79-81 ?
HMS Newcastle 79-81 ?
HMS Victory 79-81 ?

Navy warships, unlike their smaller vessels, fire more dangerous Firebrand rounds. The Goliath is only found in the Black Pearl Boss Battle. All other Ships Of The Line have only been encountered in Navy Treasure Fleets.

EITC Ships

East India Trading Company Emblem.jpg

The East India Trading Company is another enemy to the pirate, protecting their investment to exploit goods from the islands. They work with the Navy to attack and destroy pirate ships. You can identify the EITC ships as they fly grey and white sails. Flagships are manned by randomly determined EITC soldiers such as Thugs, Grunts, Hired-Guns, Mercenaries, and Assassins.

EITC vessels are harder to contend with than Navy vessels of the same class. They tend to have stronger armor, higher levels and more effective weapons.

Warships all pack Firebrand rounds, but the heaviest ships fire very dangerous Explosive rounds. Corsair, Juggernaut and Tyrant Upper Cannons are Firebrand rounds, and the Broadsides are Explosive rounds. However, the Behemoth is in the opposite way.

EITC Light Ships

One word can compare these light ships to the Navy light ships: Stronger. They can be a threat to beginning pirates. Some of them even attack with Firebrand rounds.

Name Class Level Hull Points
Sea Viper Light Sloop6-81,700-2,100
Sentinel*Light Galleon10-114,400-4,800
Corvette*Light Frigate13-155,400-?

(*Can appear as flagships). The Sentinel also pack deadly Firebrand rounds.

EITC Medium Ships

These ships can pound a light vessel into a mere memory. They are armed, but lethal pirates can sink them in just a few broadsides.

Name Class Level Hull Points
Bloodhound Sloop164,500
Ironwall Galleon21N/A
Marauder Frigate24-259,300-9,700

Medium EITC ships pack more firepower in the form of Firebrand rounds.

EITC Warships

Eitc warlord.jpg

The EITC Warships strike fear into the heart of a beginner Pirate and pose a mighty threat to even experienced ones.

Name Class Level Hull
Barracuda*War Sloop26-288,200
Corsair War Sloop36-38 N/A
Ogre War Galleon30-3211,900
Behemoth War Galleon40-42N/A
Warlord War Frigate33-3514,000
Juggernaut War Frigate43-45 N/A
Tyrant**War Frigate69-71N/A

(*Can appear as a flagship.)

(**Only in Treasure Fleets)

The EITC Tyrant only appears during a battle against the EITC Fleet - they are not as large as the original Navy Goliath, however their damage is much greater. The Juggernaut, however, is very rare. You must sail out into uncharted waters or on the outskirts of other areas to find them. They can be very tough, so be careful!

EITC Ships of the Line

Like their Royal Navy cousins, East India's Ships of the Line are the most powerful vessels in the Caribbean. They also have tremendous range and remarkable speed for a vessel of their size. Currently, they are only found leading EITC Treasure Fleets. This also means they will escorted by a compliment of Tyrants. This makes sinking them an even more difficult proposition.

Name Level Hull
Leviathan 79-81N/A
Conqueror 79-81N/A
Intrepid 79-81N/A

Bounty Hunters

At Scoundrel Level 3, Pirate At Large, the Royal Navy will dispatch Bounty Hunter ships to attack you and take back your stolen loot.

Name Level Hull
Century Hawk 49-51 N/A
Cutter Shark 49-51 N/A
Flying Storm 49-51 N/A
Killyaded 49-51 N/A
Red Dervish 49-51 N/A
Scorned Siren 49-51 N/A
Vengeance 49-51 N/A


At Scoundrel level 4, Rogue on the Run, the Royal Navy sends out their finest Warships to hunt you down. They will relentlessly chase you until you are sunk or docked.

Name Level Type Hull
En-Garde 59-61 War Frigate N/A
Battle-Royale 59-61 Ship of the Line N/A
Tally-ho 59-61 Ship of the Line N/A

Skeleton Ships

The vengeful Jolly Roger has built a fleet of ghostly vessels, bringing these wrecked hulls to the surface and crewing them with minions of his undead army.

They can be found haunting many of the wild islands.

Name Level Hull
Phantom 17-19 N/A
Revenant 26-28 N/A
Storm Reaper 30-32 N/A
Black Harbinger 35-37 N/A
Death Omen 40-43 N/A

All Skeleton vessels are War Frigates and fire supernatural ammunitions like, Thunderbolt and Fury rounds, making them formidable opposition.

Game Note- They do not appear as reactive as EITC and Navy ships, and move little slower.

French and Spanish Skeleton Ships

There are additional skeleton ships associated with French Undead and Spanish Undead, who continue to fight for their countries in a struggle for control of the Caribbean.

French skeleton ships can be found near Isla Cangrejos, while Spanish skeleton ships can be found near Cutthroat Isle.

All French and Spanish skeleton ships are War Sloop Flagships and manned by crews of French and Spanish undead. Just like other flagships, they must be boarded to be plundered. Like Skeleton vessels, the French and Spanish vessels fire supernatural rounds, but can also use Firebrand and Explosive rounds. There are no galleon Skeleton ships.

Legendary Ships

Certain vessels are well reknowned in the Caribbean, and their reputations are well-known among those who sail these waters. These are known as Legendary Ships. Currently there are only two such ships - one as a playable ship, and the other as an enemy

Other Notable Ships

The other notable ships have either some part to play in the game, or are mentioned due to their appearance in the universe of Pirates of the Caribbean.

(**This vessel does NOT appear in the game. Only listed for background.)

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