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So will you not give up this quest, then?

Quests are missions in which your pirate is asked to perform various tasks for either reputation, goldclothing , weapons, or other collectables. They have specific goals and are listed in the pirate's journal once shown upon and accepted. Upon completion, the pirate will receive a reward of some sort. This can be in the form of notoriety points, gold, special objects or new weapons. They are given by the main story characters or by island townspersons.

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online you have six types of quests:

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Story Quests advance the overall storyline in the game. By completing these chosen quests you will be rewarded with notoriety points.

Fortune Quests generally have gold and treasure as rewards, and are given usually by townspersons and occasionally by story characters. Most of them require some fighting and sinking to do.

Teleportation Quests unlock Teleportation Totems that help pirates teleport to settled or main islands.

Treasure Unlock Quests unlock different Treasure Collections, which you can collect items for by looting.

Weapon Unlock Quests unlock a new type of weapon that pirates are able to use. Pirates are given Swords and guns without an unlock quest, however all the others are only unlocked with a quest.

Weapon Upgrade Quests are special quests that reward pirates with a powerful weapon. These quests unlock when a pirate gets to level 15 or 20 in any skill except Grenade, Potions, and Fishing.

You can check your quest progress by going to your journal: pressing J on your keyboard, or click on the sea chest and then on the journal (book) icon.

  • Important Note: READ the journal entry CAREFULLY! There may be specific elements to a quest; (ex: "Kill Alligators in the Wildwoods") means you can't get credit for gators killed elsewhere, or ("Sink a Navy Galleon") means only that type of ship counts.

Quest Tracking

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The usual pirate will likely have at least several quests running at the same time. To help locate a specific goal, the pirate can go to their journal and select a quest goal by clicking on it. This makes it to where you are only on 1 quest objective.

New quests will display as a NEW sign, incomplete quests will display the portion achieved and finished quests will display as COMPLETED. Most often after completing a quest, the pirate will have to return to the character that offered it to receive their reward and credit for finishing it.

Also, some quests can be discontinued from the journal by canceling them. Story quests, teleportation access quests, weapon upgrade/unlock, and treasure unlock quests may NOT be canceled.

Remember to always do the teleport quests first, so they may help you on other quests. It's a lot easier to teleport island to island instead of sail.

Ray of Light

Quest ray of light.jpg

When the pirate is near a tracked quest goal (a location, character or enemy), a ray of light will shine down from the sky onto it.

If there are 2 or more enemies in sight, the light will fall on the closest one but a star will appear on the enemies in the mini map. This can help a pirate. There used to be a pointer to tell you where to go but they removed it from game.


Quest compass.png

A pirate's compass also aids in finding quest goals by pointing an arrow in the direction of the goal or placing a sunburst over an enemy or the item on the compass screen. This makes finding the next part of your quest a lot easier. It helps the people who don't have the game memorized.

As well as the Compass, the map also gives you a broader chance of finding where you want to go.

Quest Tips

  • By taking multiple quests at a time, it's more likely that you may be required to kill the same enemy or visit the same people - allowing you to accomplish them at the same time. (Ex. sinking a Navy Greyhound for Bartholomew Watkins may also get you needed ship parts for Darby Drydock, etc.)
  • If a quest requires you to travel to a remote location, ask friends or guildmates if they are already at those places and if you can teleport to them. If not, use a shipwright to get a ship if you don't have the teleport totems. If a quest requires you to go to one of the main islands, (Port Royal, Tortuga, Cuba, Padres del Fuego) then you have a choice of paying a dockworker a small fee to get to the location instantly.
  • Crewing up always makes a quest goal easier to accomplish, and your mates might have to perform the same task as well, and gets you more plunder!
  • Some quests require defeating multiple enemies. Find out where they are first. You may find that all of those enemies can be found in a single spot, as opposed to running from place to place.

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